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8 traits of people who are good with money

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Doing proper financial planning might be the difference between being “just OK” and amassing significant riches. Learn the eight traits of people who are good with money.

Being adept with money does not imply that you understand everything and never make mistakes. It also does not imply that you have a lot of it.

People who are truly excellent with their finances are those who are motivated to learn and who receive a lot of joy from seeing a plan come to fruition, and they have a genuine interest in strategically managing their resources to construct a successful life – whatever that means to them.

Here are eight characteristics of people who are good with money

1. They understand that working hard does not result in financial wealth

To achieve financial success, you must mix both intellect and hard effort. Great things will not happen until you put forth the effort. The wealthiest individuals, on the other hand, are not the hardest workers.

Although few people have ever achieved major success without putting in a lot of effort, you must understand that hard work alone is insufficient to earn large riches. It’s all about how intelligently you work and how efficiently you use your resources like time, money, and energy.

2. They don’t ignore money’s importance

You are obstructing the flow of money by ignoring its significance. People who are adept with money aren’t hesitant to discuss it and its significance.

If you say money isn’t important, you’re either lying or you’ve never had to work for it. We all need to pay our expenses, and none of us wants to be concerned about whether we will be able to afford the next meal.

3. Their expenses do not increase in proportion to their income

One key distinction between those who are adept with money and those who aren’t is that the former’s expenses do not fluctuate in response to changes in income. While spending money is enjoyable, so is sticking to a budget and watching your savings increase rather than shrink.

3. They will not accept anything less than what they deserve

Most people who want to make it big in life have been settling for whatever they can get for far too long. Most of the time, they do it for the sake of convenience. They want to accomplish major results, but they’re not sure if it’s worth it to work their asses off, so they refuse to go the extra mile.

Those who have a positive relationship with money will not accept less than they deserve. They know what they’re worth and want people to pay for it.

4. They are not afraid to reintroduce money into the economy

While selfish people want to keep their money, those who are good with money aren’t scared to return it to the market. If you are too adamant about conserving your money and are hesitant of spending or investing it, you will almost certainly confront unforeseen expenses.

If, on the other hand, you let your money to flow and then put it back into circulation by investing and spending intelligently, you make room for even more money to flow.

5. They do not make emotional purchases

Those who are adept with money often place a higher value on their financial resources than others. Being good with money, however, does not imply avoiding purchases. It’s a good investment if you use money to buy things that will make you happy in the long run.

However, this is not the case with the majority of impulse purchases because they do not make us happy in the long run. One method to avoid making a mistake is to establish a minimum time limit and wait until that period has passed before making a transaction.

6. They make use of money to boost their wealth and happiness

Money is used by those who are good with money to improve their wealth and pleasure. Money may, of course, be used for nefarious reasons. However, you may utilise it to either a) create more money or b) do good by investing in your or someone else’s pleasure.

Money is only a tool, and you have complete control over how you use it. It is their problem, not money’s, if people do bad things with money.

7. They’re at ease when it comes to money

Talking about money is even more taboo in some circles than talking about sex. Despite the fact that I had never been short on cash, I disliked talking about it. Even if I was sincerely curious, I’d never ask someone how much they made or how they planned to spend their money. And the sole cause for my apprehension was a poor mentality and a pessimistic attitude about money.

Nonetheless, throughout the years, my thinking has shifted from “I shouldn’t talk about money” to “Talking about money is vital and enjoyable.”

Talking about it will seem more natural and come with numerous rewards once you let go of the strain and don’t take yourself or your money too seriously. Start a chat about money with your partner or one of your close friends as the first step.

You may, for example, discuss budgeting and whether you both do it or not, as well as learn from each other. You don’t have to divulge your income during such a conversation, but you will gradually become accustomed to discussing money.

8. They invest in their own development

Those who are good with money understand that the finest investment they can make is in themselves and their education. That is why they invest in information and education, as well as experiences that make them happy and enhance their quality of life.

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