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AAP slams PM Modi after tragic Odisha train accident; says the govt’s entire focus is on PR exercise & show off

After the Odisha train accident, AAP has accused PM Modi of prioritizing PR exercise and showing off over safety of passengers, with only 2% of India’s 65,000-kilometer train network having anti-collision technology.

In criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration over the Balasore Train accident, AAP has now joined the opposition trend. AAP attacked the central government harshly on Saturday, accusing PM Modi and his administration of prioritizing “PR exercise and showing off” over the safety of passengers. Only 2% of the nation’s rail network, according to AAP, has anti-collision technology, which is essential to preventing accidents.

The priority of the Modi-led administration, according to AAP national general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Sandeep Pathak, does not involve safeguarding the safety of railway passengers. “At the most recent meeting of the railway committee, I recommended that the government prioritize passenger safety and security. However, he said that the government’s whole attention is on PR and bragging rights rather than safety and security.

“The most crucial step in preventing accidents is to install anti-collision devices, yet barely 2% of India’s 65,000-kilometer train network has them. “It will take more than 400 years to install anti-collision devices across the network if the Modi administration has only covered 2% of the train network in nine years, he added.

Only 65 of the 23,000 trains in the nation, according to Pathak, are fitted with anti-collision technology. According to information we’ve received, less than 0.2% of the nation’s 23,000 trains—or 65 of them—have anti-collision technology installed. This demonstrates that the administration does not prioritize safety, the AAP leader argued.

The Shalimar-Chennai Central Coromandel Express, the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express, and a cargo train collided on Friday in the Balasore region of Odisha, resulting in at least 288 fatalities and more than 800 injuries. The two express trains were hauling close to 2,000 passengers.


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