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Aasha Nu Zarnu’s founder Tarla Lall wins Women Iconza  2022 award for relentless work on women empowerment via education

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More and more women are being recognized and winning accolades for their relentless efforts in woman empowerment through education, training, and coaching. One such commendable person is Mrs. Tarla Lall, who has now been honored with the Women Iconza 2022 award by Times Applaud, a top press release and public relations organization. Mrs. Tarla Lall has been widely recognized as “India’s Outstanding Women Trainer,” and “Guru of Confidence.” She is the founder of Aasha Nu Zarnu, a leading centre of training, coaching and counselling that renders services for transformational changes in individual, professional, entrepreneur and businesses.

During a sparkling event held at MG Motor India, Mumbai, on March 3, 2022, popular socialite, Hruta Jeetendra Awhad, and distinguished actress of the TV industry, Ms Pooja Gor, felicitated Mrs. Tarla Lall with the Women Iconza 2022 award for her relentless work on women’s empowerment through education.

Times Applaud held the award ceremony to recognise and celebrate women and their accomplishments, as well as to inspire the next generation of self-made women. It is a gift of God when women step forward to make this world a better place to live in. One such person is Mrs. Tarla Lall, who founded Aasha Nu Zarnu Centre of Training, Coaching and Counselling in 2008. She is indeed a ray of hope for many women.

The outcome of clear vision and strategic plan for Aasha Nu Zarnu Centre has been highly beneficial to the student’s community and has resulted in the accolades enjoyed by the institution and its staff. Aasha Nu Zarnu is rendering ‘Training, Coaching and Counselling services’ for transformational changes in individual, professional, entrepreneur and businesses. It is the most talked institute for ‘Soft Skills’ and ‘Language Training’ in the region owing to an excellent infrastructure to support learning and teaching and high qualified faculty group. In the past few years, the institute has carved out many people for more remarkable career.

Mrs. Tarla Lall is a socially conscious philanthropist who is by nature a simple, self-motivated, and disciplined person who is above all committed to her work with the strong aim of empowering women through education for the benefit of society as a whole.” She is acutely aware of her social responsibilities and goes out of her way to fulfil them. Her interest in training led her to the training industry in 2003. She spent her entire life training herself and others.

Mrs. Tarla Lall is a social reformer who has brought about revolutionary changes in the minds of many people through her motivational training programmes that have increased their information riches and taught them how to establish a strong attitude. Her efforts aided ordinary individuals in attaining extraordinary achievement. Mrs. Tarla Lall’s selfless service, exemplary disciplined life and work, and unwavering faith in what she is doing have earned her the admiration of many members of society. Her self-disciplined, single-minded business concentration and willingness to endure great hardship for the sake of others have elevated Mrs. Tarla Lall to the rank of ‘A Role Model’ for thousands in just a few years.

Mrs. Tarla Lall says her family encouraged and supported her at every stage of her life. Not only her husband but also her children supported Mrs. Tarla Lall in all that she did. Aasha Nu Zarnu has scaled new heights during the last 10 years under the joint leadership of Mrs. Tarla Lall, Mr. Akash Lall, and Ms. Zarna Lall.

Mrs. Tarla Lall says, “Our core team has played a pivotal role in Aasha Nu Zarnu’s journey, and together we have created many milestones, such as winning prestigious awards.”

The Aasha Nu Zarnu team is deeply committed to providing meaningful work that makes a genuine difference in people’s lives. The institution believes that coaching may help people find more self-awareness, explore other views, attain clarity of vision, gain accountability, and make progress toward their goals.

Through its high impact training programs, Aasha Nu Zarnu has also played a significant role in helping people live better lives during the pandemic. Those programs included “Work and Life Balance”, “Confusion to Clarity”, and “Resistant to Resilient”. In these most effective training program, the institute focused on ‘maintain the boundaries’ ‘leave your work stress at workplace’ and ‘leave your home stress at home area only.‘ As a result, many people started a home office, which improved their morale, productivity, and mental and physical health. Aasha Nu Zarnu makes its training programmes available in both virtual and face to face mode.

Down the years, Mrs. Tarla Lall has won several awards including 1. ‘Savitribai Phule Award’ by Lokmat 2017 2. ‘Wah Women Award’ by Mid Day 2019 3. Women I con Award by Navrashtra 2021.

Mrs. Tarla Lall has become a source of inspiration for many people and truly deserves the Women Iconza 2022 award. We wish her all the best for her future endeavors. website: www.aashanuzarnu.com

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