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Rehnuma Khan: The Leading Makeup Artist & Entrepreneur Honored With Women Iconza Award 2022

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There are many Indian women from different walks of life who have proven to be an inspiration for other women as they achieved success, fame and glory after working very hard and also after facing a lot of struggle in their lives. 

Recently Times Applaud, the global PR distribution network, in collaboration with Namaste Bahrain honoured such 26 Indian women for the brilliant work in their respective field whether it is Real Estate, Beauty industry, Health Care, Education, Start-Ups, Designs, Entertainment, Fashion, Hospitality, Social Work, etc. 

Rehnuma Khan, the country’s leading makeup artist is also one of these 26 amazing ladies and it was once again proved that you just need to be true towards your passion and recognition will certainly come to you. She was awarded with the Women Iconza Award 2022 for being the iconic makeup artist and entrepreneur. 

The Mumbai-based beautiful yet simple girl was very much interested in makeup and products related to it from a very young age and she was quite determined to make her career in this field only which she did as well. Being a girl, she was aware of the importance of beauty especially for girls in this modern day world but while doing makeup of other girls, she realized that majority of them were suffering from skin issues and makeup was just a blanket to cover them up. She decided to do something about it and started working on creating a new cream for this purpose. She created many products by mixing some really very effective ingredients but wasn’t able to achieve the desired result for a long time. Eventually, she achieved success in creating a cream which has the capability to transform dark complexion into fair and it is also pretty helpful in getting rid of blackheads, black spots, pimples, wrinkles and signs of aging. The cream which has been named as Khushi Whitening Cream has proven to be very effective in making the skin glow and has brought happiness in lives of many people. Khushi Whitening Cream can be used by both men and women and it comes in two variants – for face and for body. Rehnuma Khan and her cream have become very popular both at national and international level because there are many Asians residing in the western countries and it is being said by many experts that she is all set to rule the industry just like the beauty expert Shahnaz Husain did in the past with her beauty products.

Rehnuma Khan draws inspiration from the Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and the effect is visible in her fashion sense and styling. Those who know Rehnuma pretty well say that there are many similarities between her and the actress. 

Rehnuma Khan is a humanitarian as well along with being an entrepreneur, she conducts makeup classes and teaches the art of makeup to many of her students free of cost, especially to those women who have nobody to support in life and have faced a lot of suffering. She not only helps her students in setting up their business but also promotes them despite being from the same industry and this certainly speaks high of her confidence and attitude. If this is not enough, she also helps small business owners from various industries by promoting their businesses on her social media pages which have a huge fan following but only after ensuring that she is promoting the right product and company. She doesn’t charge a single penny for promoting these small businesses because she just wants to help more and more people and play a role in changing their lives for better. 

Rehnuma Khan is followed by more than 141K people on her Instagram account (@makeupbyrehnumakhan) and she regularly posts videos related to updates about her cream and also about tips on makeup, styling and proper way to use different products.

Congrats Rehnuma Khan! Keep doing the good work!


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