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Abhishek Jain of AAP launches free bus service for vaccination drive

The public is facing a lot of issues to reach out to the vaccination centres and this is the reason that Abhishek Jain of AAP leader has organised free bus service.

As New Delhi faced the biggest crisis during the second wave, Abhishek Jain, Sangathan Mantri, Vasant Vihar, Ward 64, took various cogent relief initiatives. During the second wave of the pandemic, the number of COVID cases and fatalities increased dramatically in Delhi. The Delhi administration is preparing to unleash the capital in stages since the optimism rate has dropped to 1%. The Kejriwal government has been pushing the envelope since the re-opening to complete the immunisation procedure for Delhi residents.

Abhishek, who is also the vaccination centre in-charge at Sarvodaya Co-ed Senior Secondary School in Moti Bagh Nanakpura, started a bus service in the Vasant Vihar neighbourhood where people are transported to the same vaccination centre and then dropped back home after receiving the vaccine. 500 people have benefited from the service since it began. People living in Coolie Camp, Priyanka Gandhi Camp, Shiva Camp, Sewa Camp, Shri Ram J.J Shastri Market Camp, Nepali Camp, Bhanvar Singh Camp, Vasant

With the support of a free pick-up and drop-off bus service, around 500 people have been vaccinated. Abhishek Jain of  AAP has taken various measures to bring assistance to the inhabitants of Vasant Vihar in Delhi, in addition to introducing the bus service. He launched a free ambulance service for Covid positive patients, with ambulances with oxygen available at all times. More than 300 individuals have been transported to the hospital thanks to the ambulance service.

While reaching out to outlying camps in Vasant Vihar, his team has actively distributed oximeters, surgical masks, and sanitizers. During the lockdown, it was also difficult to obtain basic necessities. Abhishek has also provided rations and food to the downtrodden to guarantee that they do not suffer any difficulties. All of this was organised by Abhishek himself, and he has already spent over 5 lakhs on it. In many neighbourhoods of Vasant Vihar, he has also launched camps to create awareness about hygiene and health in order to prevent Covid19.


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