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Abhishek Pathak, director of “Drishyam 2,” adds, “The industry’s opinion changes towards you after you give a hit film”

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In addition to directing and producing numerous films, including “Pyaar Ka Punchnama,” Abhishek Pathak received a National Award for his short film “Boond.” The huge success of the first film has changed that, and he will now be remembered mostly for directing “Drishyam 2.” In an exclusive interview, the filmmaker discusses how he approached this sequel in a different way, his relationship with Ajay Devgn over the years, and how this success will affect his future.

What do you think about “Drishyam 2’s” incredible commercial and critical success?

Although we had anticipated positive comments, I would say that they have increased by three to four times. We love it since it has evolved beyond our expectations. It has received unqualified acclaim from everyone, which is a great experience for any director. We are overjoyed to have reached Rs 150 crore.We were lacking any excellent material in Hindi films that could draw those audiences. I am, nonetheless, incredibly overwhelmed by the number of people who are attending “Drishyam 2” screenings. Like a festival, it has evolved.

Additionally, despite having seen the Malayalam version before, several viewers were nonetheless interested in seeing this. A very small fraction of the audience has seen the Malayalam version with subtitles. Hindi speakers dominate the audience in our nation, and they are unable to read English subtitles. The path of Vijay Salgaonkar’s character is one that the Hindi audience can relate to more. The fact that so many people eagerly anticipated the sequel and welcomed it The fact that “Drishyam” has been remembered for the past seven years, and every year the date of October 2 sort of became an event for the movie, has also contributed to the success of the sequel. The movie didn’t need to be stressed to anyone. We had to make this film as soon as we read the script. We simply needed to improve on the original version’s entertainment value for viewers in the Hindi belt. We had a good feeling it would work, so I’m glad they received more than they anticipated.

What did you add to the movie as your “touch” after being hired to direct the sequel?

My absolute favorite genre is the thriller. In thrillers, we frequently overlook the importance of visual storytelling by not telling the tale from that perspective. However, while we were merely drafting the script, we were certain that every shot had a gripping component and that viewers wouldn’t bat an eye. Since the beginning, every single actor has changed. The film’s handling was our main concern. The screenplay needed to be sharper and crisper. Our goal was to make the photo either interesting or educational. We removed everything else. Therefore, I believe that, as a director, I’ve worked on everything from the film’s appearance to its clarity, color tone, and acting.

After reading the script, Akshaye Khanna decided to change his original “nay” to a “yes.” At the conclusion of the movie, are all of your actors satisfied?

For them to perform, we have all the characters that have been so exquisitely written. Receiving such a role on paper is a joy for any actor, and receiving such a performance in return is an honor for me. Because of this, everyone benefits (smiles).

You two have a history together. Ajay Devgn In addition to being a participant in the first installment, he is also the director. If an actor has a greater understanding of something, is working with him easier for you?

For a long time, Ajay Sir has observed me. He has known me since I was a little child and has watched me work as a production assistant, an intern, and a director for my short film, Drishyam 2, which won the National Award. He knows where I’ve been. Being quite imaginative, he was pretty forthcoming about what he was getting into. He had great judgment and could understand my vision even without viewing the rushes. And he could see what he would do in the follow-up much more clearly. All of the information was included in the screenplay, so when Ajay Sir heard the narrative, he had no queries at all. As a result, Ajay Sir and I did not have any disagreements about either the performance or the writing. Through the entire movie, we were largely in agreement.

Do you believe, however, that “Drishyam 2” will alter how people view you? To what extent does a hit like this actually matter?

A hit is the ultimate goal for every artist. In addition to the blockbuster status that everyone strives for, we also have a positive critical reception. Once you deliver something like this, I believe that the industry’s image of you changes. They think your film is fantastic now, in their opinion. It makes me really happy. Due to the attention I’ve given to “Drishyam 2,” people will now consider my next movie seriously.

The anticipation for part three is increasingly palpable, and theories are being made. So, what can people expect from you going forward?

In anticipation of parts 3 and 4, people are making theories. There is definitely a need for Part 3, but for now, we are content that we have surpassed the 100 crore mark. We will discuss possible solutions for phase three after we get some downtime. We are simply taking advantage of every second we have right now. I already have a few items prepared for my subsequent task. Currently, I’m considering my future move. In order to produce another narrative that will be as well received once I present this one, I need to put my mind to it.


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