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Actor & Entrepreneur Akhil Kumar recieves Honorary Doctorate from California Public University

It is a matter of great pride that Actor Entrepreneur has been conferred with the Honorary Doctorate from California Public University. The young actor has been riding high in terms of recognition for his work. Just last month his 2nd ted talk released which was given by him at the prestigious IIM Lucknow and now he has recieved this honour from such a reputed institute for his work in the field of Social Work , Business and Entertainment.

When we asked him what could’ve been the reason for recieving such a big honour, with all the humbleness the young actor said that he really doesn’t know what could’ve worked. He said I’ve been just focused on giving my best into whatever I do. Be it my hosting work, business, all the social causes I’ve been a part of or representing the country internationally i have given my 1000 % and always tried to raise the bar and challenge myself to give my best.

The young actor said I am extremely greatful to California Public University for such a big honour to be bestowed upon me at such a young age purely for the work I have done and I am greatful to them that they saw me worth of being given this doctorate. I will always remember that the topmost guest of honours mentioned that mentioned Dr. In front of your name isn’t merely for name or fame or financial gains but it’s to ensure philanthropy and give back to the society in whatever way you can. It’s a big responsibility and i hope will be able to live upto the expectations.

Whether it is running 2 companies or being a theatre and television actor or being an advisor to top ed tech platforms being a investor or doing social work is concerned Akhil has been all rounder who has shown that where their is a will do to several things, their is a way to complete them. He is also a 2 time tedx speaker which puts him in a league of eminent personalities who have been invited to give a talk at such a renowned platform.

The felicitatation of the doctorate awardees happened at the renowned hotel ‘The Taj Palace ‘ at New Delhi and Akhil was the youngest in the lot to be given this honour which makes it even more special for the young lad who has dedicated this award to his parents, his late grandparents, his uncle Mr. Jaswant Khurana and all the people who supported him in his journey.

The young actor is very humble and said it’s just a start and i hope i can make some great impact with my work in the society be in the field of Business or Entertainment however he is very close to all the social work he has done and many people have been extremely greatful to him for the all help and assistance him and his team provided during the several waves of Covid 19 where he unconditionally helped many people.

It is a matter of great pride that several doctorates were the invitees be it top dignitaries from the University from USA or diplomat from Kenya Embassy or top officials from Sri Lanka Embassy who handed over this honour to our young lad Akhil Kumar.

On a closing note, we wish Akhil the very best for all his future endeavours and hope that he earns many such laurels.

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