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After a bike accident, a US guy wakes up thinking it’s 1993 and asks his wife to marry again

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The 58-year-old claimed that his wife is the only one who helped him survive the tragedy, even though he has no memory of it.

Last year in the United States, a man who barely survived a motorcycle accident awoke believing it was 1993 and proposed to his wife again.

In June 2021, a car that ran a red light crashed into Kristy and Andrew Mackenzie of Virginia, narrowly avoiding fatal injuries.

After being flung more than 50 feet across the street, the husband was knocked out and required life-saving surgery. After the collision, the two were immediately flown to a local hospital due to internal bleeding, punctured lungs, and fractured bones.

However, when Andrew awoke three days later in the hospital, he believed he had returned to 1993. The previous 29 years had vanished without a trace.

Lorelai Mentzer and Amanda Mackenzie, his own daughters, were unfamiliar to Kristy, who admitted as much to the outlet.

“Where is my wife?” he said outright and right away. Who is my wife? “Additionally, I believe he believed I was a hospital employee,” says Lorelai.

In contrast, Andrew told the newspaper that “Kristina in a wheelchair by my bedside trying to worry about me taking care of myself” was among his earliest memories.
Doctors were unable to say whether Andrew’s memory would ever return, so they had to break the heartbreaking news to the family. But after learning the news, his wife persuaded the hospital personnel to provide her husband with a room of his own because she thought it would assist with his memory.

There were happy tears, and he was a completely different person in just a day, Kristy recalled.”He started coming around and asking me questions, and I was, like, astounded.”

After 11 days in the hospital and intensive rehabilitation, the couple was finally able to walk.In August, they even went on a family beach trip. Andrew reaffirmed the couple’s vows days after he proposed to them once again during this trip.
“Thankfully,” she confirmed. “It worked well because we’d been married for, what, 37 years,” explained Andrew.

The 58-year-old stated that his wife is the only one who kept him alive, even though he has no memory of the disaster at all.

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