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Millionaire dreams may come true for Malaysian fisherman’s daughter who found whale vomit onshore

A Malaysian woman has found a piece of the highly priced whale vomit floating on a seashore. Aida Zurina Long is now expected to become a millionaire soon.

Life has taken an unexpected turn for Aida Zurina Long, from Malaysia, after she found a piece of whale vomit, floating onshore in Marang, Terengganu.

Aida Long was fishing near the Malaysian Fisheries Development Authority office when she noticed a weird object floating in the sea. She initially dismissed it as garbage, but her fishing father, informed her that the waxy, floating lump could be whale vomit.

She told the media, “The object melted like a candle, after dad tried burning it. The object then gave out a sweet smell.”

Zurina stated that she had never heard of whale vomit and was astounded to learn of its great value. She also stated that she is willing to work with any authority that can prove that what she discovered was indeed whale vomit.

A sample of the 5 kg object was sent to Universiti Malaysia Terengganu to determine whether it is ambergris, commonly known as what vomits. If it is, Aida Zurina Long might become a millionaire.

Why is whale vomit so expensive?

Ambergris is extremely valuable due to its scarcity. It is exclusively found in the digestive tracts of sperm whales, which are a critically endangered species. Sperm whales consume squid, and their bile ducts release ambrein to help the hard, pointy squid beaks pass through.

The digested product excreted by the whale, either as faecal matter or via regurgitation, floats in the ocean and gradually loses its water-soluble faecal material over time. The end result is a waxy material known as ambergris. It is utilised by perfume manufacturers because it extends the life of the smells. When heated, ambergris emits a nasty odour that gradually transforms into a sweet odour.


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