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Sevron Foundation celebrates its third anniversary with large-scale plantation drive

A Non-Governmental Organisation, based in Delhi, started with a mission to serve the impoverished and has now completed three years of its inspiring journey. The Sevron Foundation, which is deeply involved in the provision of medical and education facilities, is still striving to make India a better place to live in. The NGO is making constant efforts to help people during the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic and is committed to planting more trees.

Sevron celebrated its Third Foundation Day on July 5, 2021. It was just a simple and inspiring event that was held without any expensive and fancy party or cake-cutting ceremony. The foundation spent the day organizing a plantation drive on a large scale. The plantation drive took place in Madhuban, which is a villageof the Jama block in Bihar. 

Sevron is committed to the plantation of trees

Plants play a key role in our lives, as they help us fulfill our basic needs. Besides food and material for clothing like cotton and silk, plants also provide the wood which is used in the construction of buildings. The oxygen produced by plants is very important for Covid-19 patients. 

Planting trees also helps combat environmental challenges like global warming, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification in semi-arid areas, and others.The activities that Sevron undertakes are especially important in metropolises that need to boost their greenery.

Trees also contribute to the beauty and harmony of the environment by absorbing harmful pollutants and emitting the life-saving gas, oxygen.

Planting trees is a very noble act.  But, that is not just a one-day event for the Sevron foundation which is dedicated to minimising the hazards associated with climate change.The NGO  organizes plantation drives  regularly. From 2020, about sixty thousand plant saplings have been planted till date by its team. The saplings under this initiative were rooted in the cities of – Dehradun, Patna, Deoghar, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi.

During the event that Sevron celebrated its third anniversary, NGO member, Kaushal Kumar Mandal, explained the noble goal behind its plantation drive. Mr Kaushal spoke about the respiratory problems that patients face because of the lack of oxygen. This plantation drive was aimed at creating awareness of the importance of trees in human life.

Along with Kaushal Kumar Mandal, another social worker Raja Hembram also led this plantation drive. Vikash Kumar, Manish Hembram, Sriprasad Mirdha, Sabri Murmu, and the village residents attended the event.

How was the Sevron Foundation born 

Displaying its significance from the beginning in 2018, the Sevron foundation has been doing all that it can for the welfare of human beings. They are not only involved in the provision of medical and education facilities, but also work to protect the rights of the common man. The foundation organizes regular medical camps, donation drives, and other charity programs.

Sevron was founded by Abhay Kumar, who along with other members of his team, delivers services during these difficult times of Covid-19 to those in need.

He is also the NGO’s National President and has played a great role in its journey so far. Mr Abhay worked with ISRO for a number of years. But, his consciousness eventually forced him to think about society. The Sevron foundation was finally created because of Mr Abhay’s determination and willingness to help the needy. 

The NGO took several steps for a better society. It actively deals with healthcare issues and poverty elimination. Sevron also promotes education for women. The foundation was active during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Some of the amazing projects of the Sevron Foundation

In order to serve society, the Sevron Foundation launched several significant activities.

A Tricycle Distribution event took place on the school’s campus at Rawa, Shahabad, on June 20, 2020.

Cycles were distributed to people with disabilities, shawls were distributed to ladies, and awards were given to over 100 worthy students.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people lost jobs which caused major problems in families.  Hence, Sevron organized Awareness Programs and Campaigns in different places. 

To facilitate medical treatment during the pandemic, the organization also donated two robots to the AIIMS and Gangaram Hospital in Delhi. The robots helped the doctor and nurses to take care of the Covid-19 patients without any physical contact with them. Sanitizers were also distributed to AIIMS personnel in Delhi.

The Sevron Foundation is continually working to make life better for the people of India who are in need. We hope that their work reaches millions of people who are in need of assistance especially during Covid-19. website: www.sevronfoundation.com


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