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Aishwarya Opens Up On Why She Is Not Offered Roles With Depth

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Aishwarya responded as to why she is not getting powerful roles in Hindi movies

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the beautiful actress, is getting praised a lot for her acting in recently released Maniratnam’s Ponniyin Selvan I and II in which she has played double role.

The actress made her first appearance in this year’s Cannes Festival but before that she gave an interview in which she talked on various topics including why she is not getting roles with much depth in Hindi Cinema just like PS 1 & 2.

In response to this question, Aishwarya stated, “Well that’s a silent question I think everybody normally ends up asking. We are all creative people, when something turns out so good and feels so right, creatively for the people working on it, as well as for the audience, that’s the response it evokes. I think one of the most beautiful and most rewarding moments is when questions like these arise for the actors, the leading ladies…”

Talking about her movie PS 2, the former Miss World stated, “There’s a reason we salute Mani Ratnam and directors like him, who do create work like this, and that’s why it is such a pleasure for us as artistes to work with them, and to come away with results like this and movies like this, where we are proud of the work we have done. We feel immensely satisfied and Ponniyin Selvan has definitely been immensely satisfying for all of us…”

Well that was certainly a good question as audiences of the Hindi Cinema also want to see her playing the roles with more depth, agree?

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