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Akash Nautiyal who became an IOS developer from a Cook

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This 10th dropout boy, Akash Nautiyal earns more than an engineer as an IOS developer. He is now an inspiration for many underprivileged students.

Beginning of Akash Nautiyal:

‘’Success comes when you grab opportunities from your situation” and a young boy who came to Mumbai from Manpur, a small village in Uttarakhand proves this line.

This is a story of a young boy who struggled a lot and faced many challenges in his life, but despite these obstacles, never gave up.

He knew that he could fulfill his dream in the city of dreams, Mumbai. With very little schooling, he came here in search of fulfilling his dreams. Akash Nautiyal had no other option except to work in a little shop and play guitar in local pubs. 

The money he was making was enough to feed him but his desire to learn and grow never stopped.

Later he started working at a call center in 2014 and everything was going on very well for him. But then something tragic happened, his everything was robbed and he lost all his savings including books and laptop.

Because of that, Akash couldn’t pay the rent for the room where he was living and was thrown out of the room by the owner of the house. There was no way to go back to the call center and he lost his job. This was a low pick of his life graph. 

Turning Point:

But later on, something big was waiting for him. He started to work as a cook at an apartment for some IIT Bombay’s students. There Akash Nautiyal observed that all IITians always stuck with their laptops. With his curious mind once he asked them what they were doing.

One of them told him that they were working on websites and apps like Facebook, WhatsApp using programming and scripting languages and technologies. And from there Nautiyal got interested in coding and development.

From there his journey began to change, after that he spent most of his time learning coding and web development.

Akash used to cook and clean rooms in the morning, slept in the afternoons, and when his employers returned, he jumped to their laptops and began his journey into coding, web development, and software skills with their help.

He learned various languages and skills like coding, Html, CSS, Javascript, and some frameworks like React, React Native, and angular, and within a year he became good at it. His IITian employers also inspired him and helped him a lot to learn.

As a cook, he was earning 8-10 thousand but as a developer with his skills, now he is earning 70 thousand per month and working as an IOS developer for a Mumbai-based startup.

He was 13 years old, 10th class dropout boy who ran away from his village now becomes an inspiration for many underprivileged children.

Dream of Akash Nautiyal:

He shows us if we can grab the opportunity and have learning skills then a college degree doesn’t matter. Many b.tech students even don’t get that much income through their salary.

Now he runs an NGO for his village and that teaches the basics of coding and music to 20 local students. He dreams to open his own software company and hire people from his village.

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