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All you need to know about G20 India Mobile App; downloaded over 15,000 times globally

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The government has launched the G20 India Mobile App, a user-friendly digital platform designed to provide a rich and engaging experience for participants and global audiences ahead of the G20 Summit in New Delhi. The Ministry of External Affairs has an Android and iPhone app available on app stores.

The 9–10 September G20 presidency in India prompted the launch of this app. Furthermore, the program has been downloaded over 15,000 times globally.

Another highlight of the G20 India app is its multilingual functionality, which lets foreign delegates communicate in many languages. The UN’s five official languages—English, Hindi, German, Japanese, and Portuguese—are covered.

The G20 India Mobile App has much of G20 Summit and presidential information. It covers the summit’s theme, logo, and host cities. Users may also explore G20 leader pages, which connect to their official websites and describe their activities and policies.

The software offers virtual tours and G20 India event schedules. International delegates can pick start and end places in the Bharat Mandapam using the navigation feature. The “Explore India” part of the app gives information on India’s culture, architecture, and achievements.

The app’s media and resources section includes press releases, official documents, speeches, delegate experiences, photos, videos, and more. It lets users follow the G20 India story.

Users can check ‘What’s New’ for G20 Summit updates. Similar to this, “Jan Bhagidari” encourages public G20 participation. The app’s registration and certification mechanism ensures visitors and participants have a great time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged ministers to download the ‘G20 India’ smartphone app before the G20 Summit in New Delhi. PM Modi told the Council of Ministers that this software will simplify G20 discussions with foreign representatives.

The G20 will be held at New Delhi’s modern Bharat Mandapam Convention Centre on Pragati Maidan.


The G20 India Mobile App, produced by the Indian government, offers participants and worldwide viewers a full experience. The Android and iPhone app has over 15,000 downloads. Multilingual communication in five UN official languages: English, Hindi, German, Japanese, and Portuguese. The app covers the G20 Summit’s theme, logo, and host cities and India’s presidency. Page for each G20 leader includes links to their official websites and details on their activities and policies. The app features virtual tours, G20 India event calendar, and “Explore India” function. The app includes press releases, official documents, speeches, delegate experiences, photos, videos, and more. Narendra Modi has asked ministers to download the app before the G20 Summit in New Delhi to facilitate Council of Ministers engagements with foreign delegations.

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