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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Female Staff’s Harassment Complaint To ICC’s Top Bosses Falling On Deaf Ears?

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The International Cricket Council is the apex body of the cricket world and it is expected to set an example in front of other cricket associations in regard to providing a great work culture to their employees but ICC itself has failed big time in taking care of one of its female employees.

We informed you yesterday about the female employee who was working in the ICC headquarters in Dubai and was getting harassed by a top official. As per the recent reports, the female employee has resigned now and the person against whom she has levelled the allegations of harassment is Alex Marshall who is the in-charge of ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit and HR department as well.

The female employee has written emails to ICC chair Greg Barclay and CEO Geoff Allardice in which she has explained how she was harassed by Alex Marshall but shockingly, she has received no response from either of them.

She has written, “I have continuously raised concerns about treatment by Alex Marshall during and after Manu’s (Sawhney) regime. I was subjected to unfair, unprofessional, and biased treatment with an intention to harm me professionally and personally by Alex and I request you to please set an inquiry committee consisting of neutral/independent members with whom I can share the evidence, examples, and incidents to prove my claim.”

She further wrote, “Taking a huge risk, I am hereby sharing my official complaint with you against Alex Marshall for causing me mental harassment, using his authority and power of being General Manager HR to cause me professional harm, and spreading rumours to cause reputational harm to me.”

A source who is able to track the development in this case stated, “There are claims that more instances like these have happened in the past but there hasn’t been any word from the bosses on it yet. Even all the mails/letters written by the female staffer, no one from the ICC has responded yet. The only response she received so far was from Jonathan Hall, who is the General Counsel and Company Secretary at ICC. Even in that reply, there was no acknowledgement of the complaints/concerns raised by the female staffer, one of their own employee, and only issues like insurance and work visa were addressed.”

Let’s see when the top bosses of ICC will react and most importantly, how they will react.

Taushif Patel
Taushif Patelhttps://taushifpatel.com
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