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Amitabh Found “Jumma Chumma” Step Vulgar, Took Jaya’s Approval Before Doing

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Choreographer Chinni Prakash discloses that Big B initially thought the ‘Jumma Chumma’ step was vulgar and asked not to do it.

“Jumma Chumma” is one of the biggest hit songs of Bollywood and it has a separate fan base. Featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Kimi Katkar, it has acquired the status of a cult track and its dance steps are also very popular. The song has been choreographed by renowned dancer Chinni Prakash and recently he recalled Amitabh’s reaction when he showed him the song’s hook step for the first time to seek his approval.

Chinni Prakash appeared on Weekend with Ramesh show in which he talked about the times when he took Amitabh’s opinion about the step of “Jumma Chumma”. He further said that Big B didn’t like it at all as he found it vulgar and asked to change it.

Here’s what Chinni Prakash said, “He (Amitabh) saw the hook step I did for Jumma Chumma’ and said, ‘It is vulgar. What are you doing? It looks bad.’ I said we could try something different but then he suggested we could try the steps and could leave out later it if it did not look good.”

Nevertheless, Jaya Bachchan not just approved of the step but she also liked it and believed that it would become a hit one which audiences will remember for a long time.

Chinni Prakash revealed, “When we saw the song after editing, Jaya Bachchan was also present and she was happy to see that step. She said ‘This is the best step, people will not forget this’. Jaya Ji felt the hook step would become a hit. Even if Amitabh was not really okay with the hook step, it was Jaya ji who said the hook step will be remembered by everyone even in the upcoming eras. She even asked Amitabh Bachchan to retain the hook step in the song.”

Well, Jaya was indeed correct in her perception as the song became superhit!

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