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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Anand Mahindra has expressed embarrassment about not knowing a 23-year-old’s start-up that uses trash to make sneakers

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Anand Mahindra would like to buy a pair of sneakers made from garbage by a startup. The billionaire also plans to invest in the startup, called Thaely. 

The industrialist shared a news video on Twitter, about Thaely, a start-up that makes the sneakers.

Ashay Bhave, founded Thaely,which makes the sneakers each of its sneakers from 12 plastic bottles,  10 waste plastic bags, and industrial rubber waste. Bhave is  an accessory design graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Bhave has also completed graduation in BBA Entrepreneurship from Dubai’s Amity University.

In a tweet, Mahindra also hinted that he would invest in Thaely when the company will raise funds.

He said on Twitter,  “I am embarrassed that I didn’t know about this inspiring startup, called Thaely. We should cheer on such startups, and not just on the unicorns. I would buy a pair of sneakers today. (Can somebody tell me the best way to get the sneakers?) And count me in when  Thaely will raise funds.”

Thaely is obviously elated at the the billionaire’s encouragement. The company  thanked Mahindra and said it would send him a pair of sneakers.  In response to Mahindra’s tweet, Thaely said: “Thank you so much for  encouraging our startup, as your appreciation really means a lot Thaely. We would be honored to see a pair of our sneakers on you. You can contact us through our website is http://thaely.com

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