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Android app development for communication in local language turned into multi-million businesses

Gone are the days when we have to write the message with our hands. They used to wait for days to get it delivered to the right place. Android app development brought a revolution in communication. Now everything is changing at a rapid speed. You will be amazed to see how perfectly everything is going to happen. New inventions in the information and technology are making everything easy to handle. So, one can make a big difference with it. There are many new applications launched in this particular sector and ShareChat is one of them. 

After watching the success of a trail debate app, three friends did Android app development and created ShareChat app. Sharechat is a Bangalore-based venture, which has given a wonderful experience to the users. With the help of this particular application now, they can chat in their own personal language. You will be amazed to know the fact that this application has raised $1.25 million. It is just a part of the funding. Their dynamic ideas and concept helped them. They gained the funding for the company in the initial stage and they got success. Before the funding round, they were able to collect nearly $1000000 from the Indian Quotient. 

A bit about the application

Now you must be curious to know about the application. This application is a social media platform where the local people can talk in their language. In the year 2015, they founded this company. Three graduates became a partner in this company viz. Farid Ashan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva and all are passes out from the IIT Kanpur. Android app development is a common interest for them. 

The idea of making an app came to their mind when they were working to launch a debate app. The app was launched successfully and it was the center of the attraction for everyone on Facebook. Just in a few hours, they got a request from the 30000 users. They requested to let them join the debate app by giving their phone number. Android app development has become a passion for them. 

All three friends took the decision immediately to launch their own app then. The quick amazed them and vast response from the mass. This inspires them to search further in the possibilities. In the research, it was found the millions of people would love to chat in their own language. There was no same sort of application available. They decided to fill this gap and made an application, which can work in the same manner. They thought that with Android app development and good knowledge they could do it. 

In the starting, they struggle hard to find enough users for their application. Nevertheless, they came up with creative ideas. Started promoting their application through the WhatsApp. They started the promotion of the ShareChat. With it, they represented the ShareChat as the right tool for searching the most relevant content on the Whatsapp. This way they were sharing a direct link to the Google play store where the ShareChat was available for download. This worked nicely for them and on the initial basis; they were able to make the fifty thousand to sixty thousand Whatsapp Groups. Their knowledge of Android app development helped them a lot in their journey. 

Present date success

The firm is claiming to have a large number of downloads which is nearly 1.3 million. In addition, they say that nearly five lacks of the users are active always there. In addition, they are sharing nearly six million unique elements on every month basis. Android app development is a booming sector at present and they knew it. 

Form every part of India they are getting good traffic in their store. In addition, with the advanced algorithms; they are taking care of the controversial content. Under the guidance of the founders now this app is generating income are multi-folds. Now the company has built up business more than $5.35 million and counting is still on. The android app development sector helped them a lot to gain success. 


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