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How a small step in the innovative food business made a boy successful

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Creating something out of nothing is an art that is not for everyone. But our hero of the story Hironmoy Gogoi has done it in a very small age with an innovative food business. At the age of 22 years,, he made is and worked for society while earning as well. He succeeds in his target of creating not just wealth but also employment for the society by doing well fair.

Before the innovative food business

Hironmoy has a struggling story and he has several personal losses in the early phase of life. His real brother died in a road accident in 1999. This was a big loss of him but something terrible was about to happen yet. His mother also passed away in 2012 because of the long illness of thirteen years. This incident pushed him into the deep depression and he was missing her mother. His father could not bear the loneliness in his life and for this, he preferred the second marriage.

Employment and innovative food business

Hironmoy tried his best and in the end, he was confirmed that nobody can take the place of his mother. Nevertheless, he did not give up, started everything positively, and took an oath to help others. He talked to himself one day and decided to support others and helping other mothers to make their live betters. He had an idea about the innovative food business. This was the turning point of his life He started an online business with the help of rural technologies. The entire business is based in the Assam and other parts of the business are located there as well. The main objective of the business is to generate maximum employment for the farmers and other sectors for the people of Assam.

Turning ideas into reality

To turn his idea of innovative food business he worked with technology. He decided to make an app for the people by which they can order the traditional modern and party food wherever they want. This becomes very famous by the name ‘Gaon ka Khana’ but with the rich taste and thousands of possible combinations and options. The best part is that through his venture he also started helping the farmers via Krishi Vikash Yojana. He put a special place of organic food in his application.

He started many schemes to help poor farmers through many methods. You will hardly believe in the fact but this guy also started taking active participation in helping poor farmers and workers. He is putting his best efforts to generate maximum job opportunities for the poor farming segment of society.

He often says that he has a deep love for his mother and his love for her mother will never fade away. To show more respect and love for her beloved mother he wanted to help other mothers by making their life better. Despite their busy schedule he does workout and very conscious about his fitness.

Furthermore, he says that some people hardly understand the entrepreneurship and the concept of his business and always discourage him. But he always believes in his innovative food business. However, he started his business with only ten rupees in his pocket. There was a huge lack of resources for him in the starting. But he never gives up or let anything comes in his way of getting success.

Present successful model

Now he is willing to hire nearly three thousand employees from Assam to meet the workforce demand of his company. He tells about the profession of his father as well who works as HR in a company. Nevertheless, due to the illness of the mother, they lost most of the resources. Now he is in the state where he can leave so many things for the forthcoming generations. He proved that innovative food business is not about resources but everything is about your will power and innovation.


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