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Story Of a Teenager Who Built His Empire In Less Than A Year After His Father’s Death

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A teenager named Ankit Goel fought hard to survive in this mean world. After the death of his father, he struggled hard and word so hard that he set up his own GVM company in less than a year. Read this inspiring story below. 

From the times of a lighthearted and glad youth, Ankit Goel’s life got ugly as his dad’s business endured misfortunes during his initial adolescent years and it hit the nadir when he lost his dad at age 17. 

Ankit Goel ran the shop for some period of time, after his father’s death. He was only able to earn bread and butter for his mother and younger sister. But he wanted to do big in his life and wanted to give his family a well settled and reputed life. It was then the turning point of his life began. 

Ankit, 30, begun Jack Hammer Studios, an inside plan firm in Gurugram last July and has finished activities worth Rs 3 crore in under a year. In most recent few months alone, he has broken arrangements worth more than Rs 1 crore. 

How Ankit remade his life after the demise of his dad, taking care of his mom and more youthful sister, beginning a profession, lastly turning a business visionary after he was sacked from his work is a motivational story that can lift up the spirits of any individual going through troublesome conditions. 

Ankit ‘s father Sushil Kumar Goel was a paper exchanging vendor and he had his shop at Panchkula in Chandigarh since 1998. His mom is homemaker and his sister is six years more youthful to him. 

He has affectionate recollections of his youth days. “Father would take his week after week off on Mondays and he would take us out for shopping, eating out and simply having a great time,” says Ankit, reviewing the happy occasions the family had together. 

Father began working 7 days every week. After seeing his dad worked so hard, he and his sister stopped demanding new clothes and other stuffs from their father.  

In 2009, while sitting tight for his Class 12 outcomes Ankit began investing energy at his dad’s shop. His mom would likewise frequently go with him. 

He went numb, and didn’t feel a thing. Mother blacked out, and she went through the following 25 days in the emergency clinic as she got a loss of motion assault. So he got stressed for my Mom and more youthful sister, instead of lamenting for my dad.” 

Compelled to bear the obligation of the family, five days after his dad’s destruction Ankit opened his dad’s shop and attempted to get himself familiar with the business. 

He selected for B Com correspondence course from Punjab University, working at the shop in the daytime and learning around evening time. 

“We had an old Maruti 800 and a bike that my Dad drove. I was unable to bear to utilize the vehicle day by day and my sister utilized the bike to go to her educational costs. Thus, I either utilized the common cars to drive to the shop or I would simply stroll back home in the wake of closing the shop in the evening, a decent 6 km walk.” 

He had abruptly grown up past his years from a young adult griping to his father that he had gone parsimonious to saving each penny for the family. 

The Turning Point – 

The business endured one more monstrous blow when a specialist took about Rs 40,000 from the money box, which was practically the whole day’s business sum. 

“That occurrence truly put us in a difficult spot. We at last sold the shop that was situated in a superb business place in 2012 and reimbursed our obligations,” says Ankit, who proceeded to seek after a PG recognition in inside planning alongside certificates in CADS and 3D Max, programming identified with inside planning. 

Ankit was an intelligent student in school. He was very artistic and had also won several awards during his school and college life. 

With the scholastic preparing he got in inside planning, and the business mind he had acquired from his dad, he started to chase for projects. 

His First Ever Job – 

“He got my first task in 2014. Ankit Goel then employed an accomplished Business Development Manager, who assisted me with breaking his first arrangement worth Rs 50 lakh. 

In 2017, a companion who was working at LivSpace, an inside plan firm, welcomed him to Delhi. Ankit started to work for LivSpace as an independent plan accomplice and later joined the organization as Senior Designer at a yearly bundle of Rs 12 lakh in 2018. 

It set Ankit on another way. He began his own ownership firm, with a MNC-like worldwide name, Jack Hammer Studios, in Chandigarh. Inside a month he several tasks through his organization. 

In November 2020, Ankit moved to Delhi, as he got more ventures in NCR. In December, he turned into a franchisee of LivSpace. He as of now has three individuals working for him. 

“Our own is a work escalated industry, which is profoundly chaotic. Along these lines to handle them, and to execute the task as per our vision is the way in to an effective venture,” he says. 

“Then, at that point we are in constant disagreement with our customers, ordinarily on spending issues, and continually evolving requests. He could gladly say that a ton of my customers are my extraordinary companions now, as he guarantees that the customer’s requirements are satisfied and the space that we give them satisfies them.” 

Ankit is single, monetarily doing great today, got his home as of late remodeled, and going to get another office space in Gurugram. Furthermore, he will before long be recruiting five additional workers 

So life appears to be set, for the little fellow, whose fantasy and obligation of getting his sister wedded will work out one month from now.

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