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Anyone can have heart diseases regardless of age and gender

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At the young of 33, Mr. Ram faced a cardiac problem. Despite the active routine, regular diet, and a balanced lifestyle he faced issues of heart diseases.

In modern life, taking care of your body is essential. The general disease is becoming very common like high blood pressure and diabetes. However, have you ever heard that someone is getting a heart attack at the age of 33? Yes, this can happen with anyone and you will come to know about it from this particular story.

Stress and heart diseases

Mr. Ram is an infrastructure sector professional working for a multinational company. This posting was done in Central India and there he has been working for five years. People often ask about the stress involved in his job. After getting the heart attack, he thought about it and analysis that whether his job was stressful or not. Soon, he realized that his job was normal and similar to other jobs and the amount of stress level he has is quite similar in the other types of job responsibilities as well. He always wonders about the reasons for getting heart diseases at an early age.

Early signs of heart diseases

In that particular year of getting a heart attack, many things changed in life, Mr. Ram. He became a father and thus could hardly take rest and proper sleep. People used to tell him that it is a normal thing for every new parent and everyone has to go through this particular condition during parenting. He never thought that taking his body so lightly could create a lot of trouble for him and he may face major consequences for this. He was about to experience serious heart diseases attacks. 

The day he got a heart attack

It was a normal Monday routine day for him and he was happy with his weekend. He spent considerable time with his wife and newly born baby. He got up early at six and started getting for the work. He took the breakfast and was ready to leave for work at nine-thirty. He reached the office in Bhopal and it was a cold day. After parking his vehicle he started walking but felt quite restless. After getting into his seat he was still feeling it hard to breathe normally and struggling hard to take a breath. Now, this was the sign of heart diseases but no one could believe that at his age someone can suffer from it.

Soon he felt something weird in his left hand. He was not able to move it and felt like pins and needles like sensation. His conditions were going worse and he was not able to move his fingers as well. Fortunately, he was in the office and surrounded by good colleagues who noticed his conditions and took immediate action to save his life. Office doctor was called and soon they started the procedure to refer him to the local hospital. The good thing is that within fifteen minutes they could reach the office. Everyone was telling him to take long breaths to save his life. He was heart diseases but soon he was going to accept this.

Getting into emergency room

He landed in the emergency room and could hardly answer the questions of the doctor. Meanwhile, he asked his colleague to unlock his phone and call her wife. After going through the ECG doctor were sure about the heart attack. Emergency surgery was required to save his life so he was wheeled into the operation theatre. He needed an emergency operation because of heart diseases.

Surgery and painful experience

During the surgery, he suffered a lot of pain and could feel better only after one hour of the surgical procedure was completed. Two stents were placed to save his life. Through the angiography, doctors found that blockage was more and needed to be treated. His ninety-five percent arteries were blocked. He is now on the heavy medication to control the cholesterol, blood pressure, and thickness of blood. He wants to keep control of the heart diseases and thus have to take nearly ten pills every day.

He was leading a healthy routine life but despite that, he faced so many issues. Now he says that we should go through the regular medical checkups and keep a strong eye on them every moment of our body to keep it working well for us. Heart diseases can occur at any time to anyone.

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