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Hema Ananth is selling fruits, vegetables, and several organic products as an organic farmer and making lack every year

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Hema Ananth does not know anything about organic farming but now making a good profit every year as an organic farmer. 

Can you imagine a shop without a shopkeeper? Well, if you do not believe in this statement you should better go through the story of an organic farmer, Hema Ananth. She has made his possible and running a shop in the organic farming sector. This belongs to Gowripura village, near Hassan district, Karnataka. Every morning she travels to nearly 11 kilometers to help her co-workers for milking nearly twenty odd cows. She collects all the milk and brings it back home to sell the unadulterated milk to customers. 

Hema Ananth – an organic farmer

The selling method of milk is quite different from the other shopkeepers. She just put the milk outside of her house without any person appointed for sale or CCTV. All the milk is sold without any staff, every customer honestly put the money just outside of her house, and she collects the money every day after half an hour. This type of honest is remarkable and you will hardly find such an example anywhere else. Hema Anath is also well known for her organic farmer profession.

Routine of Hema Ananth

Apart from this, she takes care of her family and prepares breakfast. After she is done with the household chores, she goes to 30-acre farmlands. There she grows fruits, veggies, and crops. Everything is done through the organic farming method. She collects nearly twenty-five kilograms of organic fruits and vegetables and put it outside of her house for the sale. Hema Ananth this now the most trusted organic farmer. She has fixed customers who just pick the things they need and drop the money. She just put the chart list of the price for the fruits and vegetables. Every customer just drops the money in the box honestly. 

Setting an example as Organic Farmer

Hema Ananth has set an example of goodwill and market value to customers. She tells that there were only one or two occasions when the food was stolen. But she never considers this stealing and states that only needy persons are taking food from there and this is her method of helping people. Her customers always pay the right amount and she can easily make money nearly one thousand to fifteen hundred Indian rupees every day from her shop without staff. Indeed, she has many loyal customers who pay all the money at the end of every month. 

Value added products

She has expanded the product line and included the other value-added products like coconut oil, turmeric powder, lemon pickles, fresh juice, etc. She took the initiative after talking to her customers who were always complaining about the preservatives in her food items. 

Hema Ananth has set an example and her level of expertise has shown the right path to many women. Even she has received many awards for organic farming and best business models. Most of the time, people do not even believe in the fact that at the starting of her business she did not have any idea about organic farming. 

Initial struggle

In the starting when she expressed her desire to become a farmer, most of her relatives denied supporting her idea including her husband. The reason was given to the huge requirement of the investment. Now she tells that Mother Nature is the biggest teacher and gradually she updated her skills and learns about growing fruits and vegetables. 

Expansion of plan

Hema Ananth said that she met some women who were ready to teach and help her in growing the organic farmer profession. She has learned how to sow, tilled the land, water the plants, and use the cow dung as natural manure for the land. She prefers to stick with the organic method of growing the crops. After the fruits and vegetables, she also learned about the cultivation methods of teakwood, coffee, pepper, and banana plantations. Now she is easily making nearly four lacks per year as an organic farmer.


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