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Start taking Care of Your Heart – The Easy care BP machine with ECG Monitor is here!!!

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29th of September is observed as World Heart Day every year all over the world it is celebrated to create awareness among people about cardiovascular disease and to prevent the same. World Heart Federation established the World Heart Day in the year 1999 in unification with the World Health Organisation. The concept behind this idea was conceived by the then President of World Heart Federation Antoni Bayes de luna (1997-1999).There is a theme to celebrate this day every year in 2020 the theme of this day is ”use your heart to beat CVD.” Cardiovascular disease the lost common heart disease causing death, around the globe.

Need for Awareness

The main reason detected for people to be affected by this disease is because of the lifestyle, in developed and developing countries. The primary reason is lack of exercise, poor diet patterns, smoking, consumption of alcohol, etc. Also, a mediocre healthcare sector, in a country like India is a cause of concern.

Solution and Precaution

In India, one of every 5 adults is suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension. Hence monitoring our health becomes very important. one way of doing so is measuring our blood pressure from time to time. It also becomes important specifically in this COVID crisis where healthcare is the utmost priority. The nature of this pandemic has changed our lifestyle. We are isolated from the outer world and are at home. Even medical needs are been consulted online with doctors. In such a scenario, a handy BP and ECG device to monitor our health-related issue and which remove the burden of going out for a lab test comes as a life saver. We can monitor the functioning of heart regularly, update and send reports to our doctor for further analysis, etc.

Availability of a Home-based blood pressure machine with ECG monitor comes in very handy and its extremely easy to use by a common man. These digital device measure blood pressure and monitor our pulse rate too along with ECG function.

There are various brands which offer BP monitoring digital devices. Among the available Blood Pressure machines with monitors, the best recommendation would be from the trusted brand Easy Care which has brought the Blood pressure machine with ECG recording facility.

Easy Care Group is into healthcare & surgical distribution in India. The brand Easy Care has been an idea developed with the logical experience of years in the field of healthcare and medical product improvement, with a basic theme to provide a forum for the betterment of people. Consumer-centric approach with multidimensional creativity and quality product is the root of Easy Care.

About the ECG Monitor product

Easy Care ( EC 9990) BP with a monitor is an advance device with ECG function. Gives you hospital accuracy results. It’s First of its type in India.

• It is a very compact and fully automatic device.
• It uses advanced technology for safe controlled inflation without the need for pressure pre-settings.
• Easy comfy cuff for BP measurements. Measure systolic and diastolic pressure.
• Along with blood pressure monitoring this device also it’s fuzzy algorithm records Irregular heartbeats with full ECG functions.
• It is a Bluetooth enabled device. Connects to Your phone and Ipads.
• This digital BP machine has easy one-touch operations which detect accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements. It has a hypertension indicator.
• Large monitor LCD screen for easy readings.
• It’s an ISO 9001 CE and FDA CERTIFIED product.

Procedure to Use Easy Monitor

Step 1- For Bluetooth connection. Press the memory button to enter the standby mode, then Turn the Bluetooth mode ON, in your phone.

Step 2- Tab and start IBP monitor then establish the connection between your phone and the device.

Step 3- The next step is for blood pressure management. For that, long press Start/stop button, to start measuring. You can review the readings in the Records in the Application installed in the phone.

Step 4- ECG measuring- Lay your right index finger on the top of the electrode on the monitor and then contact the bottom electrode on the monitor, with your lower left chest. Press down the electrodes switch to start measuring.

Step 5- Now tab on the heart icon to view the ECG. You can also review your records from the app installed on your phone.

Advantages of Using Easy Care BP with ECG monitor machine.

• Get a better understanding of hypertension management based on your results
• It can take multiple readings over an extended period of time within the comfort of your home.
• It comes with risk category indicators.
• It’s portable and easy to use.
• It comes with a 12 months warranty on the product.
• It is affordable and cost-effective.
• Facility to store past readings. Monitor data electronically links to your phone and iPads devices.
• it is clinically approved
• Monitor the functioning of heart regularly, update and send online reports to our doctor for further analysis, etc.in this Corona crisis.

So on this World Heart Day, pledge to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Make a promise that you will say no to all those things that can cause damage to your heart.

Bring Easy Care BP with ECG monitor device for stress-free living.

For information visit our website: www.easycareglobal.com

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