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Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre’s founder Dr. S. Kumar recommends scientific diet for cancer patients on World Cancer Day

Ayurveda says when diet is wrong, medicine is of no use, when diet is correct, medicine is of no need, which means more than medicine you need appropriate diet to cure all your illnesses. Dr. S. Kumar, PhD, Scientist, has built Mumbai-based Appropriate Diet Therapy Centre on that principal.

The world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, and doctors are still focused on eliminating the dreadful disease. But, due care has to be given to the patients of cancer, which is yet another major ailment that wrecks havoc in the patient’s family. On the occasion of World Cancer Day, which falls on February 4, Dr. S. Kumar has taken the much-needed initiative to advise upon the recommends scientific diet for cancer patients, as a healthy diet can help prolong their lives. 

During a research undertaken in the United States, five popular diets: alkaline, macrobiotic, ketogenic, palaeolithic, and vegan/vegetarian, were studied to determine which popular diets best support a cancer patient’s aims of improving survival and preventing recurrence. Only the alkaline and macrobiotic diets were found to be the recommends scientific diet for cancer patients. This was because they were in accordance with the dietary requirements of the American Cancer Society and World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research, according to the review.

Dr. S. Kumar agrees with the findings of the review and says cancer should not be viewed as a death sentence. But, he also says that not only in India, but also in the world multi-billion dollars are being invested in cancer research, and yet no solution has been found for the disease. The primary reason behind this is related to diet, Dr. Kumar says.

He says whether a cancer patient undergoes chemotherapy or other effective treatment of cancer, the disease returns after six months or a year. But, why does this happen?

Dr. Kumar explains, “When a cancer patient goes for treatment and asks about the diet he is told he can eat anything, which causes cancer to start again even after the patient is treated. The patient may even be advised to drink milk and eat fruit, both of which might cause cancer to increase. This is because milk is an acid-forming food. But, by default the pH of our body is alkaline (7.35-7.45). We should refrain from acidic food to stay away from cancer whose cells grow faster in an acidic environment. The patients should instead have only alkaline food after being treated.”

Dr. Kumar further says, “Tremendous research has been done on this. Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg even won the Noble Prize for his findings, which showed you won’t suffer from cancer if your body remains alkaline. For this reason, milk and milk products should be totally banned for cancer patients. Another thing that is see is that If a cancer patient has gone through surgery and is unable to eat, then the option left for the doctor is to advise the patient to eat fruits or drink fruit juice. But, the fuel of cancer cell is fructose, which makes the cell multiply. The patients should instead eat dry fruits and nuts. But, no dried figs, raisins, and even dates. Cancer patients should also take rock salt instead of iodized salt and include more dals and pulses in their diet.”

While concluding Dr. Kumar talks about alkaline water, which is becoming increasingly popular. He advises that food should be cooked in alkaline water for cancer patients. This helps in rectifying small errors in the diet of cancer patients, including the intake of acidic food.

Dr. Kumar finally says cancer patients can go for whatever treatment they deem suitable, but they should also take appropriate diet for complete relief from the disease. In the end, he gives a million-dollar tip to be remembered.Dr. Kumar said that cancer patient should mix alum (fitkari in Hindi) in water, which they should drink every morning and evening. This water helps a patient not only to get treated, but also stay away from cancer forever. 

Founder Director, of Appropriate Diet Therapy Center, Dr. S. Kumar, is a well known scientist and an applied bio – chemist & a nutritionist. He has successfully treated over 15000 patients suffering from various ailments.

Appropriate Diet Therapy Center is an ISO 9001:2008 establishment that is based in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is a top player in the field of dietetics in the city of Mumbai and has branches all over India. Website- www.appropriatediettherapy.in


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