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Arham made the world record as the youngest programmer

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Arham is from Ahmedabad and now he is the talk of the town because of breaking the world record of being the youngest programmer

Computer programming is always considered as one of the complex activity. However, can you believe in the fact that Arham is just a six years old person has broken the world record? He is the youngest programmer and now everyone is talking about this genuine person. This full name is Arham Om Talsania and he is a student of the second standard. Children his age hardly know anything about computers but he is making every surprise with his wonderful talent. He has cleared the World-class Microsoft certification exam at the person VUE test center. 

The journey of the youngest programmer

The journey to this was very interesting and inspirational for everyone. At this age, he has done a remarkable world which many people cannot do in their whole life. He has started coding at an early age. But more interesting knowledge about the steps of the journey is more interesting and inspirational for every child and parent as well. It is not just about the program but this is a great story that can inspire everyone to do something better with the available resources in this life. 

You will be surprised to know that at the age of two his father taught him coding on the tablet pc. At the age of six, he bought gadgets and started learning with programs like iOS and Windows. Later on, Talsania came to know that his father was a Python programmer. This is a wonderful journey of being the youngest programmer. The father and son have a great bonding of love and this has helped them to become famous in the entire world.

Dream of youngest programmer 

Talsania has a dream of becoming a big businessperson helping everyone. He is passionate about making applications, games, and systems for coding. He is kind-hearted and wanted to help poor and needy people in the future with these earnings. His father said that after noticing the interest in coding in his child, he started giving him basic knowledge about programming. This worked well and everything went in the right direction. 

Play way method 

Everything was quite interesting the child started learning everything with the interest. This developed into a hobby and passion. When things work well in the direction, he developed an interest and wanted to have more knowledge. Everything started in a play way manner and children learn quickly with the help of games. Games can do wonderful work for the children and make everything easy for them. Even the most complicated things are easy when they are attached to games. Play way method made history and now we have the youngest programmer

What does the father say?

Talsania’s father said he noticed that his son has a good interest in various types of gadgets. He started playing games on the tablet device. He starts solving the various puzzles and this is how his interest kept on increasing. Gradually his son developed a great interest in playing the various games and thought to create a wonderful game on his own. Talsania noticed the activities of his father when he used to make programs. This youngest programmer got more curious. 

Learning programs 

His father started working on him and taught him basic programs so that he can create his own games to play on the tablet. Thought these were not complicated or big games but small games, which can be made by basic knowledge of coding and programming. Furthermore, he also got recognition from a Microsoft Technology associate. This encourages them a lot and they came with the idea of applying for the world record as well. Now he is famous as the youngest programmer

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