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Cosmetic business transformed the lives of two friends Radhe Shyam Agarwal and Radhe Shyam Goenka

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Radheshyam Agarwal & Radheshyam Goenka started their life together in school and business. Their cosmetic business succeeded and they earn well.

At present friendship is a controversial term in society. Most of the parents think that friendship can destroy the career path of their child. Nevertheless, today we are going to tell you a very inspirational story about two friends, which is setting an example for others in the cosmetic business. Two first-generation entrepreneurs set a new racket. They are friends but working for the benefit of each other. Since their childhood, they are in touch with each other. Now they have built an Empire of 8800 crores. They became a friend in school. Both were also good in sports and games as well and later on their joined business together and set a new example of success.

Cosmetic Business

It is confident that both have the same first name Radhe Shyam Agarwal and Radhe Shyam Goenka. One good thing is that their thoughts and dreams are also similar. Both started working in the cosmetic market to start their career in the business sector. They also went to the same college and spent considerable time together. To sell their product in the market they started again with glue and cardboard. Daily packed things and started selling them in the market. This started a shop-to-shop selling business in Kolkata Bada Bazar. This was the starting of their cosmetic business.

Initial struggle

Both the guys were struggling very hard in the market but could not succeed despite the hard work. Father of Radheshyam Goenka noticed this fact and thought of a plan to help them out. Going cost father offered 20 thousand rupees in hand to both the friends. Both friends agreed on a fact of 50% partnership in the business. They started Chemco chemical but unfortunately, this also did not work for them. Destiny may have thought something else for both friends. This worked well for their cosmetic business.

Changing personal life

With the advent of time, their personal life also changed. Both friends got married. Now new economic pressure was there on both friends. They have to be more responsible for their family and have to increase the mean of earning. Due to this reason, both friends started looking for new business opportunities to earn more and have a stable income from the business.

Working for Birla Group

Meanwhile, he also got a chance to work for Birla Group. But this was employment. However, he used this particular job as his learning time and he spends considerable time learning the new tricks from the business. He gained much experience from this job and decided to utilize this particular experience in the business. Considering this he quit the job and started working for him.

Using the experience for Emami Brand

Again they decided to work in the direction of the business of cosmetic products. This time he made up a mind to target middle-class families and their requirements in India. He started when is saying clean and named it Emami. Literally, there is no meaning of Emami but it sounds like an Italian name so he liked this name and preferred it for the newly launched cream. He thought that this might secure a permanent place in the heart of middle-class Indian families. Fortunately there Idea worked well. The cream got popular. They worked on the branding packing and appearance of the cream and gave a mind-blowing look to it.

Endless success

They never expected to get such huge success in life. Gradually the demand for green increased Without Plastic rate. It also left behind the Ponds brand which is said to be Emperor of the powder industry. New experiment and Direct customer relationship became their strength. Gradually they also launched other creams and products. The brand becomes popular with an overall worth of 500 crores. They started hiring many superstars for the advertisement of care for various cosmetic products. Today Emami turn over is more than 8800 crore rupees. They have set a new example of friendship. They also launched fairness cream for men which also got succeeded and they backed huge profit from that.

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