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How to get correct online horoscope predictions: Dr Vinay Bajrangi

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All professionals in the same profession cannot be the same as apart from the skills, methods adopted by professionals matter a lot. In the same way, one wonders that astrology is one common science, so how come different astrologers have different predictions on one specific thing? It is because the ground rules of Vedic astrology remain the same, but the mechanisms to describe these rules by astrologers are different? Then how to find the right astrologer and how to get correct online horoscope predictions. You see, you approach an astrologer when you want proper guidance to get rid of your problems/in a quest to accomplish your anxiety and getting wrong predictions can instead dither you. Therefore, you should know at own a few things about how to get correct online horoscope predictions than depending totally on what the astrologer will offer you. We spoke to Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, one of the leading astrologers in India, to understand what all we can do to get correct horoscope predictions in Astrology. He clarified and gave valuable insights to clear many doubts about how one can get the right horoscope prediction.   

What does Horoscope really mean

Dr.VinayBajrangi: We can say that the entire Vedic astrology is based on Horoscopes or Kundli. Everyone has their specific Horoscope, in every individual’s life, the position of planets at the time of birth is very important. Horoscope represents the position of planets or say that it is a graphical portrayal of the sky at the time of a person’s birth. Every planet affects the native as per their distance between them to native. With the help of a Horoscope, we figure out the distance and position of planets along with their coordination with other planets. Each planet has its own inheritance and basic behaviour which impact a person’s life in rotation. Horoscope reflects the impact of each planet at the time of birth of the person and also shows the position of transitory planets. Now an astrologer idiosyncrasies how the planet is going to make an impact on the different aspects of native’s life. The essence of a horoscope is your correct date, time and place of birth, based on which you can draw your online Horoscope from any good astrology website. But mind you making a horoscope and getting horoscope predictions are two totally different horizons. Making Horoscope is a software’s job these days but analyzing it and giving the right horoscope predictions is an art that depends on the mechanism and skills of an astrologer. This analysis is called Horoscope Prediction.

Can two persons have the same Horoscope 

DVB: Every minute and every second is important and plays a significant role in every individual’s birth chart. It is because the quick astrological movements and ascendants also change at a precise minute. Two persons of the same gender born at the same date, time and place cannot have 100% identical horoscopes. Even in the case of twins, where birth time may differ by a few minutes, the overall horoscope characteristics will not be the same. It is because the planets keep changing their positions or degrees every four minutes, and in some divisional charts, ascendant changes every minute. In some divisional charts, a difference of two hours may not matter; in some, 30 minutes may not matter, but in few charts, even one minute difference can make the entire predictions flawed. This can be very detrimental. Many ignore a few minutes difference in birth time or overlook the birthplace, it is not right to get the correct Horoscope. So either use accurate birth details to draw Horoscope or go for birth time synchronization. And here, if the astrologer either ignores the difference of few minutes or does not know how to synchronize the birth time, I strongly advise not to depend on that astrologer. 

What are different type of reading in Horoscope

DVB: What are the different types of reading is a very difficult question and needs a very elaborative answer. I cannot explain all types of horoscope readings in one narration. But Yes, I can tell the different types of horoscope readings that can be made in Vedic Astrology. I am not exaggerating, but even many astrologers may not know about these readings. Let me first tell you the technical astrological types of reading in Horoscope. These can be categorised into five segments as below. 

  • Shadvargas reading – It starts with your Lagna (D-1) chart, includes Hora Chart, D-3, D-9, D-12, and D-30 charts. This reading also helps a person to verify the accurate birth time. 
  • Saptvarga Reading – This reading includes your Saptamsha – D7 chart in addition to the above six charts. 
  • Dasavarga Reading – In Dasavarga reading, we add three more divisional charts i.e D-10, D-16, and D-60, to examine the supra-consciousness of the person. 
  • Shodasavarga Reading – in this reading, we add six divisional charts more D-4, D-20, D-24, D-27, D-40 and D-45. 
  • Shadvimshatihi Varga Reading – This is the ultimate full life reading any astrologer can do in Vedic Astrology. It includes the final ten divisional charts D-5, D-6, D-8, D-11, D-81, d-108, D-150 and D-300 ( Ardha Nadi Amsha). In this reading, you get to know the timings, place, circumstances, and reasons of your death, including the same for past life(s), gambling, illegitimate black money, and speculative gains and also the inclination towards same-sex indulgence

Now understand from a commoner’s point of view what type of readings in horoscope people generally look for? Then it is for the astrologer to decide what charts in Horoscope need to be seen for such readings. These different types of horoscope readings can be as mentioned below: 

  • Past life reading.
  • Physical reading.
  • Karmic Deficit Reading.
  • Spiritual Reading.
  • Subconscious Reading.
  • Super-conscious Reading. 
  • Devil Reading
  • Supra-Conscious Reading.
  • Daily Horoscope, weekly horoscope readings.

You would find many of the types of horoscope readings and divisional charts mentioned above are not heard of. I can say even many astrologers would not know about these marvels of Vedic Astrology, but that is the way it is. Honestly, I would like to let you know that I have proficiency in all the readings. But I use them all only while making the full life predictions of an individual. 

How to check we get accurate predictions

I am an astrologer and meet different types of persons who connect with me for different types of online astrology consultation. And I do not hesitate to say that to get the accurate predictions, it is not only astrologers, but the native himself is also responsible. Sometimes people depend on false advertisements, propaganda or get influenced by many factors and end up connecting with a less experienced astrologer or even the quacks. Elementary rules always remain the same, the truthfulness of prediction depends on the astrologer who is evaluating the person’s Horoscope. In this professional world, fortunately, we have some parameters to check the transparency of Horoscope predictions before handing them over to any astrologer. I will give you some important points that should be acknowledged by any experienced astrologer before evaluating any Horoscope. 

  • One must have imperative numerical/mathematical eligibility.
  • Firstly, it is important to know the Ascendant of the individual. 
  • In Vedic Astrology, there are eighteen theories of different intellectuals. A fine astrologer should at least have a good knowledge of Bhrigu and Parashara. 
  • One should also have a strong hand on Nadi Shastra and KP.
  • An astrologer must know how to check the authenticity of birth time before evaluating and making predictions. 
  • At times he must know how to synchronize and integrate the birth time. 
  • One must know how to connect your past life with the consolidation of planets. 
  • While predictions they should not only rely on the D-1 chart but must consider the relevant divisional charts as well. 

So, these are some of the important points which make one an excellent astrologer. Now here are some other points which you should consider before visiting an astrologer. 

  • How practically he is active and how many years of experience he has. 
  • People’s experience or view about the astrologer. 
  • Social media or google review of the astrologer. 
  • Contact directly to the astrologer whom you believe in and do not rely on any juniors or assistants. 

How true are online horoscope predictions

I would say that online horoscopes predictions are useful only when you provide accurate birth details. While selecting any source for an online horoscope you must know whether they are considering the moon sign for Vedic astrology or not. Apart from that, they must have a good number of followers, and they consider the position of at least four planets while making the prediction. Online horoscope predictions are true and reliable only when the concerned astrologers apply their hands and mind in giving such predictions. 

Online horoscope predictions like daily Horoscope, weekly horoscopes, monthly and Yearly horoscope predictions are good for general guidelines in our daily life. But if one wants to take a final decision on any significant aspect of life, it is always better to connect with an astrologer. Here, you do not have to again get influenced like the best astrologer near you or best astrologer in India or like that. This is the era of the internet. Identify a good online astrologer based on whatever parameters I have explained above. Connect with the main astrologer, and you will find online horoscope predictions are worth relying on. It is not about how true are online horoscope predictions. It is not important whether Horoscope predictions are online or offline are true and worth relying on, but the skills and mechanism of the astrologer making horoscope predictions are important. 

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