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Tagore, other freedom fighters marketed the world’s first cruelty-free soap Godrej

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Mysuru and Chennai launched the manufacture of soaps in India, Ardeshir began experimenting with it as well.

In 1918, he provided India and the world the first indigenous soap, known as ‘Chavi’ (key in Gujarati), which the world’s first soap created without the use of animal fat. Back when animal fat was a crucial ingredient in the production of soaps all across the world, there was a man who who made the soap  from vegetable oil

Ardeshir was able to tap into the nation’s pulse, where the majority of people were vegetarians, and give nonviolence a consumer-centric twist.

While the history of Godrej’s massive empire has been fully covered with all of the marketing mantras, a lesser-known marketing ploy also demands your attention.

Every manufacturing company’s first rule is to keep its process a secret. The Godrej brothers, on the other hand, did the opposite and distributed Gujarati leaflets explaining the method of manufacturing soap from vegetable oils. The gamble paid out, as both soap varieties took off.

The Turkish bath soap was introduced in 1926. However, it was the ‘Vatni’ (short for Vatan or motherland) variation, which appeared in the early 1930s during the height of the Swadeshi movement, that enchanted Indians with its patriotic message.

Madhubala, a great actress who had already become a household name, became the face of Vatni in the 1950s. This was most likely one of the first brands to have a celebrity endorsement.

Cinthol was released two years later, on India’s Independence Day, with the arrival of Burjor Godrej, Pirojsha’s son.

After Ardeshir died in 1936, Pirojsha took over and expanded in many locations over the years. Despite the fact that the company has incorporated technology and developed various soap variants, what has remained consistent is the quality and faith that consumers have in the brand. Despite various competitors, Cinthol and Godrej No 1 continue to dominate the market.


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