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At Capacita update skills to secure a same profile job

Firstly, Upgrading skills can be highly beneficial for people who are struggling hard to find the right sort of job. However, getting a person who can guide them in this direction is very hard but Shipra Sharma Bhutani of Jaipur has done it. She has helped more than twenty thousand migrant workers to upgrade their skills and get a reputable job when most of the people were losing their job and had no other income source.

Get a reputable job in pandemic

Secondly, she is running a wonderful organization Capacity which is helping a lot of people to update their skills and get registered online. They can get in touch with the right human resources through the online platform, get a suitable job at the right time, and earn their livelihood. After the crisis of pandemic Covid-19, many had lost their jobs and Capacity helped them to be self-dependent by updating their skills. Skills can get a reputable job for them.

Get a reputable job – different sectors

Thirdly, most of the workers were indulged in the unorganized sector and they were losing their job. However, one should know the fact that skilled workers are always in the demand in every sector. They were suffering due to a huge gap in the demanded skills. Shipra Sharma Bhutani got the list of nearly fifteen lakh such migrants and came with the unique idea of helping such people to get a reputable job.

Understanding the demand

Moreover, Shipra said that she understands the demand and recognized the situation. Many people who were engaged in the hospitality industry could work in the hospital because there was now a high demand for such people. The only thing that was required updating the skills and giving the right direction. She started training sessions for the people and made sure that people can get a reputable job in the same profile but in different industries. This idea works well for the people.

Giving platforms

Furthermore, the startup was asking people to update their skills and be registered for it to get a reputable job after getting enough skills. They had to study the industry to get a similar job in the different industry and many courses were organized for it. The registration fee was nearly fifteen hundred to three thousand.

Basic ideas of the course

The basic idea of the courses was to provide the migrant a reputable job but in a different industry. The courses were taken from the National skill development corporation (NSDC) government of India. Moreover, the best part is that students can get their market sheets online through the government web portal and get the certification as well. Further, this helps them to get a reputable job. The best part is that most migrates are getting jobs in their home states and they are being well paid as well. Therefore, their savings are doubled, as they do not have to live outside of their home city.

Corporate link

The Capacity is helping people to be connected with the HR teams and be placed in companies like Paytm, ICICI, SBi, and other companies. Furthermore, most of the companies are looking forward to hiring the workers for simple jobs like scanning the QR codes and improving the numbers of sales. Hence, the developed skills of the workers are helping them a lot and they can get a reputable job in Pandemic COVID-19.

To sum up, Shipra has launched the App namely Skill Mitra to help candidates. You will not believe it but now companies overseas are contacting them to get the workers. Many companies from Dubai and Saudi Arabia have contacted them to get workers like plumbers and electricians.


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