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Covid-19 become a turning point for Odisha’s Ganjam

Firstly, the hospital in the Ganjam district of Odisha is setting a perfect example for everyone. It has shown the fact that the curve of the COVID-19 infection can go down when the right steps are taken to reduce its impact. In India, COVID-19 is increasing with a drastic rapid rate and it is breaking all the records. Unfortunately, the death rate is also a serious matter, which makes everyone a valid reason to be worried about the present situations. Furthermore, the things that are happening in the present time are quite serious. On the other hand, the Ganjam district in Odisha is working differently. It has brought down the number of COVID-19 cases drastically. 

Covid-19 breakdown

Secondly, in May and June Ganjam was the hotspot for the Covid-19 in Odisha. Doctors were putting their heart and soul to improve the situation. Indeed, they were working overtime day and night to save the lives of patients. Indeed most of them were hardly getting enough time to have a proper meal. Only during the changing time of the PPE, they were having something to eat.

Control at early stage – COVID-19

Thirdly, the gradual efforts of the doctor brought positive results and they were able to lower down the cases. In September month, there were only 107 positive cases. Now there is a noticeable decline in the infection cases and the recovery rate has increased drastically which is more than eighty percent. Further, the total death rate is also very low which nearly one percent is only, and the rest of the people are cured successfully. Senior Doctor Nayak was very much enthusiastic about the good drop in the number of cases.

Migrant workers

Fourthly, Odisha was facing a great problem when the COVID-19 lockdown took place in entire India. Most of the migrants were living in the other states and the government decided to bring them back. The numbers of COVID-19 infected cases were increased drastically. In the starting, they were facing a great problem. But they took the positive approach and started working on the update of the equipment and other things. This worked well for them. Therefore, they improved the number of ICU beds and nursing staff. This all worked well and know they have more than 5895 registered professionals as a member of COVID management committees.

Working with resources 

Furthermore, in the district, there are three hospitals with Covid-19 treatment facilities. These hospitals have nearly 588 beds and half of them are occupied. Similarly, they have COVID care centers, ICU beds, and availability of oxygen cylinders for the sure treatment. Moreover, these entire basic infrastructures helped a lot to deal with the situation. Now they have the entire situation under control and they can deliver the best results.

Taking effective measures

The next important thing that they followed is the lockdown rules. Everyone was made aware of the coming health threat to him or her. On the block level, the sarpanch was working with their best to make sure that everyone stays in the house and follows the rules and regulations of the quarantine. Further, they also took every safety measure and this is how they succeeded to stop the virus from spreading everywhere. They followed social distance, masks, and other rules and regulations. The best part was the strict implementations of the rules and regulations. In the last, they succeeded and the infected cases reduced drastically and every situation came into control. 


To sum up, the other thing they did is effective monitoring. Most of the areas are now in the green zone. Swab samples are collected in lacks and this is making a big difference. Ganjam Collector Vijay Kulange is taking monitoring of everything and working hard in this context to keep everything under control.


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