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“The Ayurveda system is holistic approach to health” says PM Modi. Ayurveda Herbal Renaissance: Coronavirus affects Bones? answered by Dr. Utsav Jasani

TIMES APPLAUD editor spoke to Dr. Utsav Jasani, Director, Continual Lifesciences Private Limited to know more about health and Ayurveda.

Our onboard Director’s have an experience of 25 years in the healthcare sector promoting the message of Authentic Ayurveda: the oldest documented science of India. As PM Modi’s government has given a tremendous and loud impetus to ayurvedic science in the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic; people have started adapting ayurvedic precautionary measures which will boost their immunity possibly.

(I) Is it the herbal renaissance as we see?

Nomura lowered Indian growth rate expectation from 13.5% to 12.6% for F22 fiscal year, the revision reflected Coronavirus pandemic drag on the economy but ayurveda market will only see an upward growth. 

Around 24 countries participated in the Global Ayurveda Festival 2021 which is revolutionary.

Global Ayurveda market was valued at US$ 4.5 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach US$14.9 billion by 2026.

Opportunities look endless even with inclusion of herbal plants in FSSAI guidelines as herbal supplements.  We ourselves have such supplements; one is ‘STANCE’ which is a joint disorder supplement; a combination of Glucosamine sulphate and few more components with Boswellia serrata extract. We have recently launched a vegan protein powder with added antioxidants named ‘PEASE PROTEIN’ which may also help boost immunity.


(II) Can coronavirus affect one’s joints and bones?

Many of the symptoms of the coronavirus mimic typical symptoms of a viral infection or flu syndrome; one of the symptoms may be muscle aches or myalgia. While it is too early in the pandemic to know all long term consequences on bones or joints. One adjuvant problem to it is people confined to home due to lockdown with reduced physical activity, lack of exposure to sun has resulted into bone density loss, stiffness, and decreased mobility. There lies a solution for this in sacred ayurvedic science of nature. Herbs like Hadjod which is one of the contents in our nutraceutical supplement ‘C-QUEST’. While Salai guggul, methi, lakha etc serves as an organic source of bioavailable minerals, proven to reinstate bone cell homeostasis and  bone mass; these are the healthy healing abilities in our various proprietary ayurvedic formulations.

We have even come up with a local application pain relief oil named ‘RAMPA OIL’ which is formulated out of more than 69 herbs.

(III) What is upcoming and how do you see the future of Continual Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. ?

We are very excited about ‘CONTINUAL GOLD’ which is our new herbomineral combination which may help nourish Shukra Dhatu and may help boost performance.

While talking about the future we are looking for collaborations with healthcare experts, paramedics, dieticians and nutritionists.

We are an emerging brand in the industry with a vision to develop a healthy India.

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