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Babbu Khan supports Dharavi chidren’s education with 650 phones for online classes

Education helps you grow and shape your future, and live a better and happier life.  It is especially critical to alleviating poverty, and plays a great role in the lives of the poor people who want to come up in society. But, education is one of the many areas of life that have been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  One of the reasons for this is that after the pandemic hit India in 2020, schools were shut down and online classes were started, which poor people have found hard to afford. Dharavi is one of the most impoverished areas of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In fact, it is viewed as one of the largest slums in Asia. The education of poor children in Dharavi has suffered as their parents cannot buy them electronic devices for online classes.  Hence, Haji Babbu Khan has distributed  free mobile phones among the children of Dharavi. Babbu Khan is City Congress (minority cell) chairman and  corporator of Dharavi.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected practically every sector in India, particularly the education sector. Since the disease’s outbreak in 2020, schools and educational institutions across India have been the first to close in order to protect children.

The Indian government then turned to online classes, which has its own advantages, not least of which is that children can continue their education even during the pandemic.

People were initially excited about online classes since their dear kids could now study at home instead of going to school. However, many pupils are unable to use the internet due to a lack of technology and infrastructure.

For pupils who cannot afford them, the only choice is to wait for schools to reopen. However, until then, children will have to attend online classes via mobile phones and laptops, which impoverished parents in India find hard to afford for their children.

As the pandemic worsens, the impact on the country’s educational system is concerning, and the repercussions are dire.

Keeping all of this in mind, Haji Babbu Khan decided to distribute iPhones to Dharavi schoolchildren. The phones were distributed to 650 students in Dharavi at a recent function in Dharavi.

Varsha Gaikwad, local MLA and education minister, Bhai Jagtap, city Congress president, and Congress politician Charan Singh Sapra were also in attendance.  According to Babbu Khan, parents had complained that their children found it difficult to attend online classes since they did not have a phone or only had one in the household, . This was having an effect on their schooling, he said.

Babbu Khan understands the need of education for the poor and does whatever he can to help them fulfill the need. He has previously donated free books to assist disadvantaged students with their education. Siddhivinayak Mandir Trust organised a free text book distribution campaign for Dharavi youngsters in July 2021. The occasion was attended by Babbu Khan, Mumbai Congress President Hon’ble Bhai Jagtap ji, and School Education Minister Prof. Varsha Tai Gaikwad, among others.

Every year, BMC provides school bags, textbooks, active wear, shoes, and other things to children enrolled in BMC schools. Babbu Khan presented this material to the students of Transist Camp Municipal Urdu School Dharavi on September 9.

In August 2018, Babbu Khan delivered free tablets to pupils in the ninth and tenth grades at Transit Camp Municipal School in Dharavi.

Aside from supporting education, Babbu Khan is doing everything he can to help the community. Babbu Khan is checking the construction of a new toilet in Sai Baba Nagar. Water line has broken on Himalayan Hotel 90 ft Road, which is being repaired; recently, Babbu Khan evaluated the situation and informed the public that the water shortage will be resolved shortly.

For several days, people in Ward No.184 have been experiencing difficulties owing to a lack of water. On September 21, Babbu Khan and Water Department officials inspected the water pipe in this context. Due to the breakdown of a water pipeline near Himalaya Hotel, there was a water problem in Ward No.184 for several days, causing people to have difficulties, and the repair work on the pipeline near Himalaya Hotel was in full swing. The project, which was started by Babbu Khan on September 22nd, is being completed.

Haji Babbu Khan is Chairman – Mumbai Congress Minority Department. He also serves as the Municipal Councillor – Ward No 184.

As a Member of Public Health Committee (MCGM), Babbu Khan, has also rendered service to humanity, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In May, he assured Dharavi would be protected from the second wave of the pandemic. Babbu Khan said at the time he and his crew assisted people by transporting them to Vaccination Centers and delivered whatever other assistance they required. And as there are home quarantine centres in Babbu Khan’s ward, he said there was no scarcity of beds and oxygen.

Apart from this Babbu Khan also provided great help to migrant laborers during the first lockdown. He arranged food for the migrant laborers, during that period, as the hotels had been shut down.

Babbu Khan also arranged train for traveling to native place for people who were stuck in Mumbai city. He provided food for a hundred days to 35000 people. Babbu Khan also arranged for Iftari (breaking of fast), during the Holy month of Ramazan, which is the most sacred month for the Muslim community.


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