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Build Rs. 7 crore turnover company taking inspiration from Bandra Worli Sea Link

Experiencing childhood in an enormous 18-part joint family in Navi Mumbai, Rahul Omprakash Rai, 29, organizer of PGS India, a foundation organization that is into development of scaffolds, flyovers, rail line over spans (ROBs), power plants and streets, reviews that during his more youthful years he frequently couldn’t pay his school expenses on schedule. 

“It caused me incredible humiliation at school. We were not monetarily solid back then. My dad resigned from the Indian Navy as administrator in 1986 and later began a business, which was in its beginning phases when I was in school,” says Rahul Omprakash Rai.

His Early Life –  

There were nine youngsters in our family going to schools and universities simultaneously. His three senior sisters were in school, considering dental medical procedure, design, and PC designing when he was as yet in school.

In any case, Rahul Omprakash Rai appreciated growing up with his cousins and in 2010 when Mumbai’s notable Bandra – Worli Sea Link was initiated he was so entranced by it that he started to fantasy about building a scaffold like it when he grew up. 

At 25 years old, Rahul began PGS India Private Limited with Rs 2 lakh alongside his significant other. 

Beginning with little considerate undertakings that he took on sub-contract, he finished his first scaffold, a 1.8 km flyover at Handia in Uttar Pradesh in 2019. As of now, PGS India’s yearly turnover has contacted Rs 7 crore. 

Rahul learned at St Augustine’s High School in Navi Mumbai, and moved on from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering in instrumentation designing. Afterward, he completed his MBA from IIM, Nagpur, in 2014. 

He joined as a student at MCS Electricals, Mumbai, and worked in the organization for around four months prior to gliding PGS India as an ownership. In 2016, after his marriage with Abhilasa Rai, he made it into a private restricted organization. 

The Success Story – 

Rahul’s dad Omprakash Rai runs a private security organization where Abhilasa, a MBA move on from Indore, had at first joined as a worker. On the third day of her joining the organization, Omprakash proposed her to be his little girl in-law. 

The young lady’s family consented to the proposition and the marriage was enrolled in a court in mid 2016. 

“We did our Court Marriage on January 11, 2016. Our commitment function was hung on February 13, 2016. Be that as it may, it wasn’t finished at this point. We wedded socially on April 18, 2018,” says Rahul happily. Abhilasa is presently a chief at PGS India. 

PGS India has around 150 representatives, including ground staff, engineers, project officials and office staff. 

“We are an ISO affirmed association,” says Rahul. The organization utilizes no paper to save the trees and has a work cordial approach with a reasonable guideline to treat laborers consciously and not to utilize obscene words against them, a typical practice in the development business. 

With neither the scholastic preparing nor work insight in structural designing, Rahul counted on his administration abilities to construct his endeavor.


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