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Monday, May 29, 2023

Bihar Man Fined Rs. 1000 For Not Wearing Seatbelt On A Two-Wheeler

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The traffic rules should be followed strictly as they keep us safe on the roads and traffic police also imposes fine on those who break traffic rules so that they don’t repeat the mistake. Wearing seat belt while driving a car and wearing helmet is among the most common traffic rules which should be followed by everyone when they are on the road.

However, recently a funny incident took place as a person from the Indian state of Bihar was issued a challan of Rs.1000 for not wearing seat belt while driving a two-wheeler vehicle.

The name of the person is Krishna Kumar Jha and he was left confused when he got the message which talked about his challan from 2020 for the mistake he never committed and on top of that, the challan was already paid as well.

Jha told media, “On April 27 I was going to Benaras (Varanasi). When I was on the train, I got a message that a ₹ 1,000 challan has been issued against my name.”

Earlier, a person of Odisha was also issued a challan in a similar manner for the mistake that he didn’t commit and later on, he approached Odisha Ministry of Road Transport and Highways after he saw that it was a case of mistaken identity as the photo on the challan was of someone else and not his.

Twitterati soon got into action as they came to know about the case of Krishna Kumar Jha; here are some selected reactions:

This is hilarious, isn’t it?

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