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Right To Repair Portal goes live: You can get your phone repaired anywhere now; Warranty won’t be void

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Are your worried about your device’s warranty becoming void if your phone has been repaired from any other place than an authorized store. The warranty terms has been somewhat changed now.

Towards this end, a portal called, Right to Repair, has also been launched by the government. Actually, the government has created a new Right to Repair policy, for the convenience of customers.

Be it any electronic appliance, including mobile phones, and laptops, you won’t have to wait to get them repaired. The Right to Repair portal has been launched by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. You will find a lot of information related to electronic products on this portal.

What are the advantages of Right to Repair portal?

The Right to Repair portal will provide its visitors with self-repair manuals and details of authorized third party repair providers. It will enable users to get their smartphones, laptops, and any other electronic device repaired at local shops as well. Their warranty won’t become void by this.

How will the warranty not become void? As soon as you go on the Right to Repair portal, you will get details of repair manual, warranty, customer care, and authorized stores.

But, your warranty will definitely expire, if you do anything wrong with the phone like using local parts or duplicate parts in the device

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