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Bold & Beautiful “MAANASVI PATEL” born and brought up in Gujarat is now a ravishing dance sensation of the industry

Her elegant belly dancing is quite famous all over India. Maanasvi is known for her astounding beauty, extraordinary figure and remarkable dancing skills. Maanasvi says “Belly dancing is a popular Middle Eastern dance form. It is primarily performed for entertainment purposes and is often considered sensual and seductive. There’s more to belly dance than meets the eye, though! Belly dance has become increasingly popular in the Western world, with many people using it as a form of fitness.
Constant hip and belly movements improve the stomach muscles while also being a fun way to exercise. Because of the dance’s workout, a belly dancer becomes incredibly flexible and healthy.” She is well renowned for her alluring divine beauty, graceful etiquettes, and unattainable charm. Talking about her beauty how can you not mention a belly dancer’s figure. The curves of her body are what makes her dance even more sensuous. Her beautiful waist looks even more gorgeous with the exotic chain she wears around it.
As soon as the beat drops her waist starts moving up and down which makes it irresistible to look away from. Her soft skills such as Time Management, trust building, leadership ethics, intelligence all make her a perfect companion to work with. MAANASVI PATEL is the top most renowned belly dancer of the industry; some may even compare her belly dancing with the very famous Nora Fatehi.
The stunning beauty is recognised for her out-of-this-world smile and expressive eyes. Her golden hair and flawless form make her a natural in front of the camera. Her exotic South Asian female vibe comes from the wheatish Indian skin tone she flaunts around. Her respect for her profession is admirable, as seen by her industrious, sincere, and honest demeanour. Her professionalism is well-known in the field, and her upbeat demeanour is constantly respected by her co-workers.

This adorable lady has got her dancing skills by self-learning. She said “I love to dance; every inch of my body starts shaking as soon as I hear beats in my ears.” Her passion towards dancing is what made her this successful at such a tender age. She has performed in bachelorette’s party with her own bodyguards for the safety. She has also been casted in the Web Series “Belly Dancer” as the second lead.

Maanasvi has recently signed contract with Novalkart for modelling for their products. NovalKart is a brand-new revolution in the E-commerce arena providing comfortable and designer lingerie. MAANASVI PATEL is a trendsetter her featuring will definitely help any show, music video or the brand to expand its reach. The young aspirant is yet to be seen in many other prominent fashion shoots, ramp shows and music videos.



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