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D G Educational Campus-A globally recognised education hub for Futuristic Education

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The founder and chairman of Dnyan Ganga Education Trust Prof. B. D. Patil envisioned a globally recognized educational hub providing holistic development to students which would help them hone life skills for a promising future. My father has set up a noble path and mother Mrs. Ranjana Patil has groomed me to walk on it. As my father’s proud daughter I am determined to take my father’s legacy forward. My aim is to elevate the stature of DGET amongst the best not only in our country, but globally as well. I believe that learning should never end and quality education should be for every child, not just the rich.

DGET was established in 1987. The aim of it is quality, productivity, skills and value education from KG to PG . First fruit of Dnyan Ganga Education Trust’s School & Junior college established in the year 1989 and 1996 respectively in Kandivali, Mumbai.

Gradually Trust spread its wings in Thane in the form of D G Educational Campus. D G Educational Campus in Thane started with D G International School in the Year 2004 and Dnyan Ganga Junior & Degree College in year 2004 and 2007 respectively.

On the top of progress without stopping at such high point, Dnyan Ganga Education Trust’s College of Education (B.Ed) established in the year 2008.

D G International School underlying philosophy is not just about quality academic education but providing an environment for young minds to dream and realize their true potential. It is what we call a holistic approach to education where all facets of human development are shaped – academics, personality , moral values , social sensitivity and the spirit of  fairness and competitiveness.

D G International School aim to impart education to create creative and innovative thinkers and lifelong learners, who are aware of their social responsibilities. D G International School strive to create a friendly , collaborative learning environment in classrooms which enables students to develop freely at their own pace, even as they move towards optimizing their potential without the fear and humiliation of unfair comparisons with their friends. D G International School try to help children and to ensure that they emerge not only with literacy and numerical skills but more importantly as secured individuals sure of their special worth.

D G Degree College is affiliated with the University of Mumbai. It is the first Degree College within the vicinity that started catering to the growing needs of higher education & career aspirations of the community. It offers many traditional courses along with some professional courses as BCOM, BMS, BAF, BBI, BA, BSC-IT & BAMMC.

Our Institution has excellent infrastructure with spacious Classrooms, Computer lab, Multipurpose Sports Ground, Gymkhana, Auditorium, Canteen Facilities etc. All the courses offer depth knowledge in their respective fields.

DGET also known for giving its students the freedom to pursue their interests and support to help them explore topics in real depth , both inside and outside the classroom. Students took full advantage of add-on courses and also a lot of opportunities for internships were floated and successful internships and jobs were logged.

D G College of Education favour the optimum growth of every individual associated with the institution. The efficient teaching faculty works with zeal and enthusiasm, caters to need of students and guide them to perform brilliantly in academics as well as co-curricular aspects. It not only inspire them to be a lifelong Lerner but inculcate in them the values and skills required to become the better version of themselves personally and professionally. D G College of Education mould the future nation builders impeccably.

My dad has set up a new path for me and my partner – my husband – my best friend “Mr. Amit More” is helping me achieve my dream of excelling on the path and making my dad a proud father. Having my husband in my team has been incredible. He is my strength, my pillar in the face of adversity. Together we are looking towards the expansion of our DGET campus and planning for an Architecture and Pharmacy college soon. We will be taking up CIDCO plots for our third campus in Navi Mumbai to start up schools and colleges.

One of the distinctive features of our educational campus is a concerted effort to actively engage students in the learning process as much as possible. Experiential learning, or learning through experience, is one of the best ways to reinforce the knowledge students learn in the classroom. We recognize, identify and foster the unique capabilities of each student, by sensitizing teachers as well as parents to promote each student’s holistic development in both academic and non-academic spheres. We emphasize on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and learning-for-exams. We enable an individual to study one or more specialized areas of interest at a deep level, and also develop character, ethical and Constitutional values, intellectual curiosity, scientific temper and creativity. Hence we are known as a institute focusing on the futuristic education as a whole which is very well in tune with the demands of the new education policies.


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