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Breaking the Unicorn Mold: The Many Faces of Entrepreneurship

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The beginnings of some of the most well-known businesses were influenced by historical turning points. A businessman who joined the Swadeshi movement and began producing medicines that could compete with international ones in Kolkata in 1929 produced the drug boroline.

The firm we now know as Asian Paints was founded in 1942 by four friends who saw an opportunity in the temporary import restriction on paint. These company origin tales can be found all around the world, and the path to and through entrepreneurship can lead us down many uncharted paths. In many circumstances, one cannot predict this trip within a few years or with a single strategy of growth since entrepreneurship is much more complicated and the path to and through it might lead us down numerous uncharted paths.

A handful of these travels will include capital, and more particularly VC/PE kinds of finance. The several development possibilities that business owners may pick from are the most crucial information in this work. Early on, the founders may already have a concept of the type of business they wish to start, or they may discover it as they go.

Builders are those who develop novel items that are successful right away, but Navigators are those who make it through each challenging business choice. Last but not least, businesses that develop steadily and expand over time, like the examples of Boroline and Asian Paints, may list on stock markets or keep expanding as private businesses.

Their perseverance could enable them to build long-lasting businesses. Entrepreneurship is more than simply flashy headlines; it’s also about the long, arduous hours spent creating something that might remain for centuries. There are already more than 100 unicorns in India, some of which may build value at their own pace; however, not every business will be branded with unicorn stripes.

India needs entrepreneurship in all forms and sizes to grow its economy to $5 trillion or more, including mass thriving, in which small-scale business owners operate in every country and in every community, tackling issues like as unemployment and giving jobs. Let’s broaden the concepts of entrepreneurship as we approach 2023 because, despite attempts to box them in, entrepreneurs will still pick their own growth routes.

Taushif Patel
Taushif Patelhttps://taushifpatel.com
Taushif Patel is a Author and Entrepreneur with 20 years of media industry experience. He is the co-founder of Target Media and publisher of INSPIRING LEADERS Magazine, Director of Times Applaud Pvt. Ltd.

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