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Meet the Indian man who built a multi-million dollar real estate empire in UK

A 22-year-old Punjabi male from Barundi, Punjab, named Tejinder Singh Sekhon immigrated to London in 2002. He received a degree in history and political science from a college in Ludhiana after attending a government school with a Punjabi medium of instruction.

After founding his own liquor distribution company, he shifted his attention to real estate and worked as a builder and developer. Redsky Homes Group, his business, purchases property, develops residential apartments, and then leases it out. In the midst of many trials and struggles, Tejinder’s mother Surinderpal Kaur Sekhon reared him together with his two older sisters.

In May 2015, he founded Redsky Homes Group after selling his liquor company in 2014. Tejinder’s mother Surinderpal Kaur Sekhon raised him, along with his two older sisters, in a difficult upbringing after his father passed away in 1984 when he was just four years old. In May 2015, he founded Redsky Homes Group after selling his liquor company in 2014.

Tejinder was born in Barundi, but he was raised in Southall, a neighborhood of London, where he first made £40 (Rs 4000) per day by digging construction foundations and spent £60 (Rs 6000) per week on rent for a shared apartment. He started working as a van driver for a liquor distribution firm in 2003 and borrowed £3,000 (about Rs. 3 lakh) from a bank to buy a delivery vehicle and launch his own booze distribution company.

He borrowed money in 2005 to purchase his own home in Hounslow, and he persuaded his former housemates to join him. He started making regular real estate investments and chose to leave the liquor industry in 2014. In and around London, his business has built a number of illustrious buildings, including Barundi Court, Sekhon House, BMW House, Redsky Scopello, Redsky High, Redsky Rise, and Cottlers. Successful businessman and philanthropist Tejinder Singh Sekhon is the owner of the “Barundi Court,” a 45,000 sq ft project valued at £20 million (Rs 202 crore). Sehajbir Singh Sekhon, 13, and Samarvir Singh Sekhon, 11, are his and his wife Sukhvir Kaur Sekhon’s two sons.

Tejinder, who has firsthand experience with poverty and life’s challenges, is adamant about doing his job honestly and giving back to the community. He participates actively in both the Conservative Friends of India (CFI) and the Conservative Party Donors Club, UK. He plans medical clinics, performs cataract operations on the poor, and supports Punjabi students’ academic endeavors.

His family makes an annual trip to his native Punjabi hamlet of Barundi where he has purchased a residence and a farm. Tejinder and his family presently reside in the UK in an opulent 5000 square foot mansion in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. He emphasizes the significance of having a clear vision, acting quickly, and placing the sixth sense above everything else.


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