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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Bugsmirror’s CEO Aman Pandey wins Rs.65 cr reward from Google for keeping Android, chrome safe

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Google has bestowed a reward of Rs.65 crore to an Indian cybersecurity researcher, who reported and submitted vulnerabilities in Android, making the OS safer for us all. The company has bestowed the reward to Aman Pandey, the CEO of Bugsmirror.

In a blog post, Google has announced that Aman Pandey, the Founder and CEO of Indore- based Bugsmirror was the top researcher in terms of reporting and submitting vulnerabilities.

Pandey received his diploma from NIT Bhopal. And, despite the fact that Bugsmirror was just founded in 2021, it was crucial in identifying vulnerabilities as early as 2019. Pandey submitted a total of 232 vulnerabilities during the last year alone.

Google’s Sarah Jacobus, from the Vulnerability Rewards Team, stated that since Pandey’s initial report in 2019, he has reported over 280 flaws to the Android Vulnerabilities Rewards Program. Sarah commended Pandey for playing a significant role in the program’s success.

In addition, Google has paid a stunning $8.7 million in vulnerability compensation.

Security researchers at the firm have reported vulnerabilities not just in Android but also in Google Chrome, Search, Play and other products too.

Jacobus emphasised that the highest prize was paid for Android vulnerabilities discovered.

In fact, the awards more than doubled from 2020 to 2021, with roughly $3 million in incentives.

Furthermore, Google gave the greatest payout in VRP history in 2021 for an exploit chain identified in Android, which got a $157,000 reward.

In 2021, about 115 Chrome VRP researchers were rewarded for 333 distinct Chrome security bug reports, totaling $2.2 million in VRP prizes.

Google awarded a total of $3.3 million. Of that amount $3.1 million went to Chrome browser security bugs and $250,000 went to Chrome OS flaws.


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