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Can plain yogurt help combat diabetes? Know what experts say

For years, yogurt has been a breakfast and snack staple. Scientific data suggests that frequent use of plain yogurt may help prevent type 2 diabetes.

FDA Recognizes Yogurt’s Potential

The FDA approved the first yogurt “qualified health claim” in March 2024. It says “at least three servings of yogurt per week may reduce the risk of T2D incidence for the general population.” Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical trials & Reviews studies on yogurt’s benefits influenced this choice.

The FDA emphasizes “limited scientific evidence” in the assertion. The findings are intriguing, but further research is needed to establish yogurt lowers diabetes risk.

Gut Heroes: Probiotic Yogurt Benefits

Experts say yogurt’s probiotics may manage diabetes. Probiotics are vital to intestinal health. Healthy gut flora regulates glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity to control blood sugar.

Vandana Verma, Principal Dietitian at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, states “probiotics in yogurt may enhance these functions, making it potentially beneficial for individuals with diabetes or at risk of it.”

Picking the Right Yogurt

New yogurt possibilities are wonderful, but choose wisely. Not all yogurts are equal. Look for:

    Plain yogurt over flavored. Due to their high sugar content, flavored yogurts may impair their health benefits and raise blood sugar.

    Choose yogurts marked “with live and active cultures” or “contains probiotics.” Healthy yogurt microorganisms are guaranteed by these labels.Sugar: Check nutrition labels for yogurts with less added sugar. Choose yogurts with 10 grams or less sugar per serving.

Many Yogurt Benefits Beyond Diabetes

Yogurt benefits go beyond diabetes prevention. Lactobacillus casei, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Bifidobacterium species enhance yogurt:

 Probiotics in yogurt may boost immunity and lower infection risk.

    Diabetes risk factors like visceral fat and body weight may be reduced by yogurt.

    Studies suggest yogurt probiotics boost liver function.

Combating Diabetes with Yogurt

Eat plain yogurt with living cultures to lower type 2 diabetes risk. Combine plain, sugar-free yogurt with a healthy diet and exercise for best results. Research on the gut microbiome’s health benefits may promote yogurt consumption.

Balanced Lifestyle Power

Yogurt can boost health but not prevent or treat diabetes. C.K. Birla Hospital Internal Medicine Director Dr. Rajeev Gupta stresses holistic care. He says, “Incorporating yogurt into a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins, coupled with regular exercise, is crucial for managing and reducing diabetes risk.”


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