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Thursday, May 30, 2024

GenAI-equipped smartphone shipments may rise soon

Generative Artificial Intelligence or GenAI is set to change the smartphone business. Smartphones of the future will be more than just communication and entertainment devices. They’ll be AI-powered tools that creatively meet our wants.

The Rise in Key Players and GenAI Phones

A recent Counterpoint Research report is optimistic about GenAI devices. The research expects 11% of smartphones to be GenAI-powered by 2024, boosting volumes. This number is predicted to climb 4x to 43% by 2027, resulting in approximately 550 million devices supplied!

The survey also highlights GenAI smartphone leaders. Tarun Pathak, Counterpoint Research Director, predicts Samsung to lead GenAI innovation in 2024 using their foldable phone experience. Pathak also sees Apple as a game-changer.

Apple’s GenAI smartphone launch may spark the market. AI could become a must-have on mid-range to luxury smartphones by 2025. This means that Apple’s cooperation will expedite GenAI adoption.

GenAI’s Capabilities Beyond Text and Touch

Multimodal capabilities will define GenAI smartphones. GenAI extends beyond language and touch interaction, unlike present AI. The user experience will be richer and more intuitive when these gadgets can seamlessly process images, audio, and text.

Imagine telling your phone to play a song from a concert photo or translating an email while it does it. GenAI’s data diversity opens up these and other possibilities.

Personalization with AI: A Learning Phone

AI personalizes smartphone experiences, says Counterpoint Research Associate Director Mohit Agrawal. He sees GenAI adapting to individual tastes. Imagine a phone with AI that learns as you use it to predict your daily duties, suggest apps, and optimize your workflow.

GenAI Goes Mainstream: Affordable for All

The first GenAI cellphones may target high-end buyers. However, economists expect a major change in 2025. GenAI technology should become more affordable, reaching $400–$599 ranges. This greater affordability will spur GenAI adoption and usher in a new era of intelligent mobile experiences for more people.

The Future is Intelligent

Intelligent cellphones are the future, and GenAI unlocks this potential. Next-generation smartphones with AI processors will be intelligent companions that learn and respond to our needs in transformative ways. GenAI smartphones will revolutionize mobile device use in the future years.

New Mobile Opportunities and Challenges

GenAI in cellphones is a major advancement in mobile technology. The goal is to change how we use our devices, not just upgrade their processors or cameras. GenAI can improve productivity, creativity, and mobile personalization in ways imagined a few years ago.

Every new technology has its challenges. AI-powered device data privacy and security ethics must be carefully considered. To close the digital divide, GenAI technology must be accessible to all demographics.

Future Collaboration: Shaping the Next Generation

The development and deployment of GenAI devices will likely be collaborative. We may expect innovation from Samsung, Apple, and smaller firms and research organizations. The potential are unlimited as GenAI technology matures. GenAI smartphones could transform healthcare, education, relationships, and creativity by putting intelligence in our pockets.


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