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CanKids: The Lifeline for Children Struggling with Cancer!

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It may be exceedingly difficult emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and financially for a person to get a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. Such trying times require a lot of fortitude and assistance from loved ones. Poonam Bagai received a colon cancer diagnosis when she was 38 years old. She and her family were devastated to learn about the illness.

The entire therapeutic procedure was really demanding. However, Poonam’s entire ordeal made her realise that many other individuals, particularly children, who are diagnosed with cancer, don’t receive the right care for a variety of reasons.

Poonam Bagai lived in Warsaw, Poland, at the time of her diagnosis. She was employed by the government. Poonam was already adjusting to a strange nation and overcoming linguistic obstacles at that point.

She shared a home with her spouse and children. Poonam underwent three operations, nine sessions of chemotherapy, and underwent a colostomy. She also struggled with despondency and sadness. The whole procedure was quite traumatic.

Poonam recalls how challenging she and her family’s battle with cancer was. After she had recovered, she started CanKids. Children battling cancer can get emotional and medical care through CanKids. The group offers a variety of programmes to assist kids with cancer, including those that promote skill development, education, awareness, medical assistance, psychological support, etc.

The first organisation to host International Childhood Cancer Day in the City of Delhi was CanKids. Four hospitals that were there for the occasion promised to treat 100 kids for illnesses. CanKids expanded to additional states in 2008.

Cankids also hosts support groups for the parents and relatives of children with cancer. People can help one another emotionally and physically by disclosing the finest therapy alternatives. CanKids also operates a school in Mumbai for kids with cancer. CanKids wants to establish other similar schools around the nation.

The vice-chairman of Pallium India at the moment is Poonam. She received recognition for leading a business where women make up the majority of the workforce. Poonam is working hard to improve society. She is actively contributing to the effort to support kids with cancer.

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