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Why ghee is a healthier option than olive oil for Indian cuisine? Check out its Benefits!

In the kitchen, we utilise oil in a variety of ways, including greasing, tempering, frying, baking, etc. In India, we occasionally swap out ghee...

NYC Restaurant Sells World’s Most Expensive Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Bet You Can’t Guess The Price

There is no denying the fact that “ghar ka khaana” is the best food of the world but still there are times when we...

How Big Food Companies Have Hooked the World on Junk Food: The Inside Story

The article examines the strategies used by big food companies to keep consumers hooked on junk food despite growing concerns about the health effects...

Food Storage 101 for New Restaurant Owners

Running a restaurant is no easy feat, especially for new restaurateurs. And one of the biggest challenges is managing food storage! Proper food storage...
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You could get Masala Dosa & Coffee for just Rs.2; viral restaurant bill shows

Inflation has always between there, remember the song 'Hai Mehangai' (Oh! Inflation) from the old Hindi film 'Roti, Kapda aur Makaan. But, in the...

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