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What Is Black Fungus? What Is The Connection Between COVID19 And Black Fungus

Many people suffering from COVID-19 have recently been diagnosed with black fungus disease, also known as mucormycosis. The fungus spreads through the sinuses and into the...

Venaseal Closure System- Advance Treatment Option For Varicose Veins

Globally around 200 million people suffer from varicose veins. Back home, India adds around 10 million people with varicose disease every year. Many don't...

Fitness and COVID 19 : What is the connection

Let us help you understand the importance of fitness in covid 19 pandemic times so that you can enjoy a fit life.  This quick changing...

Enjoy a healthy life by proper oxygen levels at home

Enjoy a healthy life by proper oxygen levels at home without any pressure on your lungs and without the need of Concentrators. Maintaining Proper Oxygen...
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Dr. Suhas Shah brings a new approach in management of diabetic foot lesions

Diabetic patients have to face diabetic foot complications in form of ulcers, deformity and amputations. Dr. Suhas Shah has bought new strides in its...

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