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9 Side Effects of Using Hand Sanitizer according to doctors

In certain cases, hand sanitizers based on alcohol can easily minimize the number of microbes on the hands but not all kinds of germs...

Ajeet Oak invented the tiger toilet to bring revolution to its health & sanitization industry.

Tiger toilets are the great invention of Ajeet Oak and they are providing an excellent solution to meet the demand for health and sanitization in India. Health...

Self-Protection during the shopping from coronavirus

With the help of a few tricks you can save yourself from getting infected by a coronavirus. We have gathered enough information for self-protection...

Hema Ananth is selling fruits, vegetables, and several organic products as an organic farmer and making lack every year

Hema Ananth does not know anything about organic farming but now making a good profit every year as an organic farmer.  Can you imagine a shop without...
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Anyone can have heart diseases regardless of age and gender

At the young of 33, Mr. Ram faced a cardiac problem. Despite the active routine, regular diet, and a balanced lifestyle he faced issues...

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