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Monday, May 29, 2023

Changing the Game: Women’s Impact on Indian Industry and the Path to Gender Equality!

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India’s Industry is transforming itself radically, and the best way to manage any change is to better understand and address the variables that will be at play during the change. Women are becoming increasingly conscious of their responsibilities at work, at home, in social settings, and in school situations.

It was only a matter of time until the woman’s inner human felt the want to contribute to eradicating artificial constraints and generating value for everybody, particularly as it grew simpler to become aware of what is going on around us. Public-private initiatives are starting to recognize the potential that women possess, but there is still much work to be done in this area of concern.

The effects may be viewed from several angles:

Working women not only give families more money, but they also have a positive multiplier effect on the economy since more money is spent, which benefits all businesses.

The MEN AT WORK sign, which asserts that men need a sign to indicate when they are working, sticks out for me among the gags about women’s chatting abilities.

A woman’s brain focuses on doing one task at a time. The guys take longer to do the task at hand since they typically have a lot on their minds at once. Women often do more work in a given amount of time than their male colleagues because to their approach.

Women don’t play the slots. When it comes to risk perception, they are normal. They are not wasteful. Every option or decision is objectively assessed by them as one that should be effective and is free of the drama, the zing factor, and the kick that men want. It enables them to take a balanced stance and present a better choice.

People are not resources for women. Women see others as people they should look out for in order to benefit both of them. They frequently make significant investments in those who are close to them.

It won’t take long for inclusion to shift, as we are currently witnessing. It will take two or three generations to really get through to the collective mind of society. Since workplaces are a reflection of society, friction will inevitably arise there as well.

The shift has already started. It must happen. Industries must concentrate on enhancing the soft skills of their personnel in order to encourage more diversity. The industry must also encourage women to make life easier for them by paying closer attention to their psychological and physiological needs since they experience a lot more than men do. A gender-neutral workplace would make women feel much more at ease, which will motivate them to contribute more and grow the sector.

Therefore, let’s all ask ourselves this question: “What have we, as an industry, changed for them (women) today?” Women will change the dynamics of the Indian economy, but what has the sector done to prepare them?

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