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Civil Services Exam Preparation Along with College Studies

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UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered as the most prestigious exam of India. The preliminary and main examination of the Indian Administrative Service Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission requires both skill and ability to succeed. That’s why it is advised that the best time to start preparing for UPSC Civil Services Exam is college time, as it gives you enough time to grasp all the concepts related to your subject reliably. But, preparing for Indian Administrative Service exam in your college time is not an easy task! Most of the college students, especially the engineering students, are very busy with their college projects, assignments, tests etc. As UPSC Civil Services Exam, this competitive exam requires at least 4-6 hours of study and a detailed revision plan during weekends.

GS Score is providing you here a brief exam preparation strategy and tips on how to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam during college so that you can crack IAS Exam in a hassle free manner.

UPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Guide for College Students

For any type of exam, the first step starts with gathering the necessary information related to the selection pattern, exam pattern and syllabus with reference to the written test.

Understanding UPSC IAS Exam: The Indian Civil Services exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission, commonly known as UPSC. This exam is one of the toughest recruitment exams in the country, every candidate has to go through 3 levels of screening to appear in the IAS exam.

  1. IAS Prelims Exam (Objective MCQ Based)
  2. IAS Main Exam (Written Exam)
  3. Interview / Personality Test

So, first you should start your preparation by preparing for UPSC IAS Prelims Exam. Here we are telling you some preparation tips to crack the UPSC Civil Services Exam in your college time.

1. Start with NCERT Books

NCERT books are a source of good knowledge as well as a simple method, so starting with NCERT books is the right step. With the help of these books, you will be able to understand complex concepts and have help to build a strong foundation of study.

We recommend you to make a notebook in which after reading every book you keep note down the important information from it so that it can help you in studying during revision. After reading the NCERT books for class VI to XII, you can move on to more detailed study material. After NCERT Books you can read Laxmikant for Indian PolityBipin Chandra’s book on pre independence and post independence history of India.

2. Sources for Daily Current Affairs and News Digest

No option exists to know about the latest happenings around. GS Score website and YouTube Channel will be quite helpful in this regard. The website will keep you updated regarding Current Affairs and daily happenings while YouTube channel will help you with Toppers’ guidance for preparation and motivation and faculty’s knowledge for strategy and planning. Through these sources you will get acquainted with not only  brief analysis related to current affairs but improving writing skills also. These platforms will remain helpful by providing guidance in reading daily newspaper and answer writing to a great extent. 

3. Develop your own unique style of preparation

Preparing for a prestigious exam like the Indian Administrative Service is nothing short of a thrill, so you must not ignore your responsibility during the period of your graduation. UPSC appreciates good graduation grades. The knowledge of the subject you have chosen during your graduation can come in handy during the interview round. Concentrate on the syllabus related to the subject of graduation level this will help you in preparing for the optional subjects you have opted for.

Scan UPSC Syllabus thoroughly and have a glance at Previous Year Papers for a better understanding of structure and pattern of the exam. Avoid multi-tasking and choose only one subject at a time, this will allow you to concentrate fully on that subject. Choosing too many subjects at once can destroy your concentration and may jeopardize your chances of selection.

4. Select an Optional Subject

As per the exam pattern of the IAS Exam, you have to select only one optional subject for the main exam. College timing is a perfect time to choose the subject of the main examination. Most of the students must first check whether their undergraduate/postgraduate subjects are offered as an optional subject in the main examination. If yes, then they are free to choose the subject of their graduation or  any other subject as per their interest. 

For the ease of undergraduates GS Score has come up with Pathways Program  – a 2 & 3 Years Foundation Program for Undergraduates for IAS Preparation that aims to prepare college students for IAS Exam along with college studies. 

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