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New life coach shows how Skill India can promote entrepreneurship

The Government’s Skill India initiative trains people in the country for jobs in various industries. An IT professional turned life coach shows how the initiative can further promote entrepreneurship.

In 2015, the government launched the Skill India initiative to train more than 40 crore Indiansfor jobs in a range of industries. But, India needs entrepreneurs more than managers and other employees to create wealth and further develop its economy. A new life coach, Shailesh Kumar, says the government can take several steps to promote the initiative more and encourage entrepreneurship.

How did Shailesh Kumar become a transformation coach?

Shailesh, is an  IIT graduate who was employed in the IT industry for more than 19 years. It was after he lost his job that he became a transformation coach to help people become a better version of themselves and enhance their lives by making the necessary changes. 

Shailesh lost his job due to downsizing. He then started looking for jobs, but did not want to start a business, as he was afraid of losing his life savings. Shailesh says people management is among his strengths. And so he explored coaching and took steps to transform himself to start with.

Shailesh never thought he could be an author of  a book as I was so far just writing emails. But, the book that he wrote became a bestseller on Amazon.

Shailesh says he now wants to help people use hi research-based skill-building tools to rewire their thoughts and move forward with confidence.

How can Skill India promote entrepreneurship?

Shailesh says there are several things that the government can do to further promote the Skill India initiative. 

He says people can build greatskills under the initiative. But, to promote entrepreneurship under Skill India is equal impetus must be given for people to build a growth mindset and surmount negative self-beliefs. This is a prerequisite for learning a new skill and starting a business.

Shailesh added that programs should be developed to make individuals aware of themselves, in order to learn their values and allow people to uncover the full potential of themselves. This helps them to select what drives them and what to do and where to concentrate. People are also influenced by looking at people and copying what others do and forgetting what they can achieve in a unique way.

Shailesh concluded in today’s society, when information is not lacking in social media, mentoring is highly vital.What people now lack is the right mentors to assist them master their skills and apply the lessons to produce results consistently.


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