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Class 7 Student Saves Many Lives As Bus Driver Falls Unconscious, Watch Video

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Tough situations show the true character of a person and it is applicable to all – a grown up man or a young kid. In difficult scenarios, many people panic but there are few who keep themselves calm and try to overcome problems while keeping their nerves in control.

Dillon Reeves, a 7th grade student of Carter Middle School, Michigan, is currently making headlines for all the right reasons as he avoided an accident and saved 66 passengers who were travelling in the bus after the driver fell unconscious.

A video is going viral on the Internet in which a driver is seen getting unconscious while driving the bus and then Dillon who was 5 rows behind the driver noticed it; he ran and stopped the bus. He then calmed down the other students and asked someone to call 911.

Here is the video clip:

When he was asked how he managed to stop the bus, he said that he was able to do it because he watched the driver do it daily. He was felicitated in a special ceremony for his bravery and as far as the driver is concerned, she had already informed the transportation that she is not feeling well and she is pulling off but she fell unconscious even before pulling off.

Dillon Reeves is the new hero of the town!

Nitin Bhatnagar
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