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Compelling Reasons to Eat on the Ground Instead of at a Dining Table

Our centuries-old Indian custom always preached to sit on the ground to eat. The system is still followed today in many of the traditional household systems. The wise old men of that time used to sit cross-legged in ‘Sukhasanas’ on the ground to eat as a mark of respect for the earth, which provided us with food and sustenance. The practice not only embodied cultural significance but also has a deep connection with our physical and psychological health.

The dining exercise was fading with the modern advent of the Western culture of dining tables; however, this traditional practice is again gaining recognition in the modern world for its forgotten health benefits that are being highlighted by health experts and researchers. 

Health Benefits of Eating Food on the Floor Vs Dining Table 

  1. The cross-legged position stimulates the vagus nerve, which is responsible for promoting relaxation and reducing stress. The nerve also directs the brain to understand when the stomach is full. It helps you avoid overeating and increase in weight.
  2. The sitting position promotes better bowel movement and lessens bloating, aiding digestion.
  3. It improves better Blood Circulation. The practice ensures optimal blood flow throughout the body, preventing issues like varicose veins. Contrary sitting on the dining table reverses the blood flow.
  4. It strengthens the muscles in the hips and legs and encourages flexibility and posture. Whereas sitting on a chair makes you staunch, causing back pain and stiffness.
  5. This practice promotes mindfulness. You tend to slow down on the eating process. In this way, you appreciate and enjoy the food in a better way than on the dining table.

Final words:

Everyone can incorporate this habit and practice. If you are among those who are not accustomed to sitting on the floor then our recommendation will be to develop this practice gradually. Start with one meal in a day and increase the frequency. For those who can’t sit on plain floors then they may use cushions or mats to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Remember to create a serene and clutter-free setup for a mindful dining experience.  

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